Best Italian Ice Cream in Prague: Amato Gelateria

Amato Gelateria has the best Italian ice cream in Prague! The queue, especially in summer, is long, but the moment you taste the ice cream, you know why. The great success of Amato is that the ice cream is not only truly Italian and authentic, Amato offers also a wide choice of flavours, from classic vanilla to exotic gorgonzola and grapefruit with Campari. There are another twenty-two different flavours! Besides ice cream, you can treat yourself to Italian coffee, homemade cakes and other sweet pastries. Everything is fresher than fresh because it is homemade.

Italian ice cream

Amato Gelateria Italian ice Cream at its Best

Amato Gelateria is popular: the wide range of ice creams and sorbets. There are so many flavours that you will have to come back every day for almost one month to taste them all: Classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate and pistachio and more unusual flavours like saffron with almonds, gorgonzola with walnuts and bread, butter and marmalade . Exotic combinations that taste even more exotic.

Ice cream maker Pietro Amato (from in Sicily) is always thinking up and making new combinations such as grapefruit with Campari, lemon curd, mont blanc, cubaita and saffron with orange.

Amato Gelateria and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Amato Gelateria is probably best known for salted caramel ice cream. Pietro was the first ice cream parlour in Prague to sell this flavour. It all started when a customer asking about it. Salted caramel ice cream is very popular in the US and Australia and now also in Prague.

Seasonal Ice Cream Flavours

Seasons plays an important role in deciding which ice cream flavours to make. After the salted caramel, the bestsellers are chocolate, vanilla, mango, and in summer strawberry. Don’t ask for strawberry ice cream in winter because only fresh seasonal fruit is used. Amato only uses locally grown fruit that is picked when ripe. This is the secret of the full flavours.

Sorbet Ice Cream in Summer

Sorbet ice cream based on fruit juice is delicious on hot days. Popular in the summer are strawberry, red and black currant, gooseberry, apricot, watermelon and plum, while apples, pears and pumpkin are favourites in autumn. Sorbets mean more work for the ice cream makers, cleaning, peeling and pressing the fruit. Homemade! Sorbets are made of pure fruit juice and no additives.

Vegan Ice Cream

Amato Gelateria also makes vegan Italian ice cream from coconut, almond or other plant-based milk. They also make ice cream with no added sugar.

The Ice Cream Parlour in Vodickova Street

An ice cream parlour has been in Vodickova Street since 1897, the oldest in Czechoslovakia and probably one of the oldest north of the Alps. Known as the Italská Cukrárna, or U Itala, it was one of the few ice cream parlours in communist Prague.

Why is Amato’s Italian Ice Cream so Good?

That’s because Amato’s ice cream has the perfect creamy consistency. The taste lingers on the tongue, the ice cream is neither too sweet nor too liquid or too hard. The success of Amato’s ice cream is due to the quality of the ingredients. The milk comes from farms in the Giant Mountains and in Vysočina in the south of the Czech Republic, the region of which Jihlava is the capital. The cows here give creamy milk, perfect for making ice cream. An important detail is the cows have a good and natural life on these farms.

Amato Gelateria, Kamenicka 30, Holesovice, Prague
Monday to Sunday 11 am-7pm

Amato Gelateria, Vodickova 4, Nove Mesto, Prague
Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm

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