LGTB Prague: Best Gay-friendly Bars and Pubs

LGTB Prague has earned its reputation as gay capital of Eastern Europe. Czech society is tolerant towards LGTB. Especially Prague is a welcoming place for all people of the rainbow flag. Gay and lesbian hot spots in Prague centre in the Vinohrady, the district right behind the National Museum on Wenceslas Square. In the Vrsovice district more and more LGTB bars and clubs are popping up. From historic point of view there is little opposition against the LGTB community because about 75 percent of Czechs are atheists and therefore there is hardly any hostility from religious perspective.

LGTB Prague

LGTB Prague Gay Music Bar

Homosexuality in Czechia is legal. The minimum age of consent is fifteen. In 2006 the Czech parliament approved a law allowing gay partnerships. The Lesbian scene is limited to a few bars and cafes but they are welcome in most other bars and cafes. Jampa Dampa is lesbian owned.

1. Jampa Dampa, V Tunich, Nove Mesto
Open Tuesday 18.00-04.00, Wednesday, Thursday 18.00-02.00, Friday 18.00-06.00
Hip basement music bar with live karaoke (usually on Wednesdays) and live DJ’s as if you are back in the 1990s. Pink-painted rooms lead off the main bar. The small and dark dance floor is reminiscent of a disco in a small town. Pink-painted rooms lead off the main bar. Very busy at weekend and a must-go on the lesbian circuit. Good range of food and light meals

2. Termix, Trebizskeho 4a, Vinohrady
Open Wednesday to Saturday 21.00-05.00
This small disco club is a mix of straight and gay who love seventies-style disco and funky music. The club can get very busy at the weekends. There is a smallish dance floor, a bar, a dark room and upstairs there is a chill out area. Wednesday is Czech tunes night which attracts many locals. Thursday is karaoke night.

LGTB Prague

Gay Bars and Cafes

LGTB Prague, in particular the districts Vinohrady and Vrsovice has a wide selection of bars and cafes attracting a predominantly gay crowd..

1. Boudoir U sta ran, Francouzska 50 Vrsovice
Open 17.00-01.00
A hidey-hole that will make you feel at home from the moment you enter. In the summer you drink your beer in the (small) beer garden and otherwise you sit inside and you discuss with friends the bizarre works of art on the wall. Order some sandwiches with your drink or nakladany hermelin, marinated cheese that resembles brie. The prices are very friendly! Drinks come always with something special like pieces of fruit or some chocolates.

2. Patra, Krymska 17, Vrsovice
Open 17.00-01.00
Patra is divided into two: downstairs there is a café and upstairs is a multifunctional space. The café has a rustic vibe; brick walls and on each table flowers in an empty beer bottle. The upstairs area hosts Mezipatra Queer Film Festival events, film screenings, workshops and art exhibitions. Unlike many other cafes, Patra welcomes queer people of all genders and orientations.

3. Saints Bar, Polska 32, Vinohrady
Open 19.00-04.00
A mix of locals and expats, every colour of the rainbow-gay. Trivia nights once a month and regular parties add to this the friendly vibe and you understand why Saints Bar is the friendliest gay bar in bar. The bartender speaks English and is a fount of knowledge for gay night life in Prague. You come here for the cocktails and to make new friends.

4. Q Café, Opatovicka 12, Nove Mesto
Open 12.00-midnight
This queer café and bar is one of the best places in Prague to relax. It is frequented by a mixed crowd of which the majority are men. The walls are decorated with pop art featuring scantily-clad men. Apart from beer there is gluten-free beer and Kofola (imitation Coca Cola) and Malinovka (raspberry lemonade), two drinks which were very popular during communist days. Check out the library for LGTB books and magazines.

5.  Celebrity Café, Vinohradská 40, Vinohrady
Open: Monday – Friday 08.00-23.00 and Saturday 10.00-23.00
Gay-friendly café and restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. In summer you can sit on the pavement terrace. Lunch menu with a large number of dishes to choose from. The beer menu includes Pilsner Urquel, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden.
On Sundays there is a Diva’s Drag Brunch starting at 12 pm until 3 pm. You will be entertained by the best drag artists in Prague while enjoying a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet.

photo credit: Drag Queen Brunch – William Beauregard

LGTB Prague

Gay Clubs and Discos

The permanent gay club scene in Prague is in the Vinohrady district. They all have regular parties often with karaoke and DJs.

1. Klub 21, Rimska, Vinohrady
Open 18.00-midnight, Fridays and Saturdays until 02.00
Located in a brick-walled basement, Klub 21 is a typical Prague. The art on the wall, made by local artists, is for sale but maybe not to everyone’s taste and wallet. However, the beer is cheap! Klub 21 offers an extensive drinks menu, includingly classy wine. Mainly male 25+.

2. Alcatraz, Borivojova 58, Vinohrady
Open 22.00-05.00
Alcatraz is two in one: a Czech pub with guy clientele and a sex club, no women, no heterosexuals. As it is a private club the owner can decide. Hardcore and rubber venue with dark rooms, video cabins, gadgets and theme parties. Every Sunday Alcatraz hosts naked parties.

3. Friends Bar and Club, Bartolomejska 11, Stare Mesto
Open 19.00-06.00
Friends is café, bar and club all in one. The seats are comfortable, the dance floor is small, the music is pop, new wave and indie. Mouthwatering cocktails that won’t break the bank. Party events include Karaoke on Tuesdays, Travesty on Thursday and weekends are reserved for DJ’s and musicians.

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LGTB Prague

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