Camp Sokol Troja

Location, location, location! You will find no other campsite in Prague so close to the city centre. If you are not very fond of staying in a tent, book a few nights (or weeks) in the hostel that is part of Camp Sokol Troja. Staying in Camp Sokol Troja means that you are close to the historic centre of Prague at very affordable price.

Budget Accommodation

Looking for budget accommodation for your city trip to Prague? Camp Sokol Troja is the place to stay . It is common knowledge that camping is cheaper than staying in a hotel. The downside is that most campsites are quite far from the tcity centre. Moreover, public transport to the city is not always convenient. Camp Sokol Troja is the ideal place to stay. This camp is located in the north of Prague near Troja Castle and Prague Zoo. By tram it takes about fifteen minutes to get to Charles Bridge.

Camp Sokol Troja

Sights and Attraction near Camp Sokol Troja

If you do not want to go to the centre of Prague, there is much to do in the vicinity of Camp Sokol Troja.
* Troja Castle, 10 minutes’ walk
* Botanical Garden, 20 minute walk
* Zoo, a 15 minute walk, or 2 minutes to the bus stop
* Cycle path to the centre, or in the other direction along the Vltava River, 1 minute
* Vystaviste swimming pool, 15 minutes, a beautiful walk through Stromovka park

Camp Sokol Facilities

Sokol Camp is open all year and you’ll find everything you need to live the life of a king: shady places, grassy spots, WiFi, playground, barbecue, luggage lockers and bicycle storage. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the restaurant at a very affordable price. Self-catering is perhaps even more expensive, and certainly more work. If camping is not your thing, sleep in a real bed. Sokol Hostel has double triple and quadruple rooms. Breakfast is included and if you stay longer than 10 days, you get 10% discount.


Camping Sokol Troja
Trojska 171
Prague 7

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