Caravan Camping near Prague Centre

Camping on an Island in the Vltava River and yet within 15 minutes in the heart of Prague. Stay in pleasant surroundings full of trees and grassy fields on the island of Cisarska louka which is quite large. A ferry plies between the northern point of the island to the main land, on the southern tip there is a bridge. Caravan Camping is unique because it is a favourable combination of affordable prices and proximity to the centre of Prague.

Camping on an Island in the Middle of Prague

What could be more fun than camping? The answer is: Camping on an island
What is more fun than camping on an island? The answer is: Camping on an island in the middle of a city.

That’s exactly what you do when you stay at Caravan Camping. You are not right in the centre of Prague but close to metro station Smíchovské nádraží which is not only a metro station but also a train station of the Czech Railways. Metro and / or train tickets can be bought at the reception of the campsite. This saves a lot of hassle with ticket machines and Czech money.

Caravan Camping

Facilities Caravan Camping

Caravan Camping offers accommodation for 350 guests and is open all year. On site facilities include: fully equipped kitchen, showers and toilet blocks, washing machine, shop, restaurant and ample parking space. Dogs are welcome. If you are not a fan of either camping in a tent or in a mobile home, you can rent a room with shared facilities, and of course hot water.

Caravan Camping Easy to Find

Arriving from Plzen, just before arriving in Prague you take the exit towards Brno. You now drive downhill. Follow direction Smichov (which is a district of Prague).DO NOT cross the river. After about a kilometer you turn right just before the Shell petrol station. You are now on the island. The Yellow Tower of the campsite is your beacon, and easy to find.


Caravan Camping
Cisarska Louka 162
Prague 5

Caravan Camping

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