City Walk from Charles Bridge to Strahov Monastry

Go on a self-guided city tour when you are in Prague and on your way to the Strahov monastery and the Strahov library, be sure to walk up via Nerudova Street – one of the most beautiful streets in Prague lined with beautiful baroque palaces and impressive buildings. This self-guided city walk is an interesting alternative route if you want to see different places in Prague and do not want to follow the trodden path during your city trip.

Self-guided City Walk

During this self guided city walk you follow Nerudova Street which gradually leads uphill. The higher you get, the more beautiful the view of wooded Petrin Hill. Beautiful palaces and imposing baroque houses line the street. The houses seem ablaze in the sun, especially late afternoon. Many houses are decorated with stone tablets, forerunners of house numbers.

Number 12: The Three Violins
Number 18: H. Holy John of Nepomuk
Number 33: The Golden Horseshoe
Number 36: The Black Madonna

Jan Neruda

The street is named after the Czech writer, poet and journalist Jan Neruda (1834-1891) who lived at number 47, the two suns. His most famous work is Povidky malostranské, a collection of stories about the Mala Strana district, in which he describes daily life in his hometown in Prague in the forties of the eighteenth century.

Many houses in the Neudova street are now hotels, offices or government buildings. Stop for a moment at the baroque splendor of the Thun-Hohenstein Palace at number 20, now the Italian embassy.

Self-guided City Walk Route

1. Cross Charles bridge
2. Walk straight on
3. You are now in Mostecka, a street brimming with souvenir shops and tourists
4. The St Nicolas Church is located at the corner of Mostecka and Malostranska Namesti (square)
5.  Cross Malostranska namesti to Nerudova Street
6. Walk straight on
7.  Half way the street name changes into Uvoz.
8. The Uvoz streets leads to Strahov Monastry and Strahov Library


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