Arts ‘n Coffee

Arts ‘n Coffee is a coffee shop in the centre of Prague, a combination of art and coffee. Surrounded by African sculptures, all for sale, you drink fragrant coffee. This is the ideal place to meet up with friends and have a nice chat without loud music blaring in your ears. Czechs come here to work on their laptop, WiFi is free, or they come here for a quiet business meeting. You can sometimes listen in to a private language lesson as teachers use this cafe as their ‘classroom’. Czech houses are not suitable because they are too small and often too far from the centre.

Arts 'n Coffee

Arts ‘n Coffee for Breakfast and Coffee

Come to Arts ‘n Coffee for a tempting breakfast or just a coffee. If you feel slightly hungry Arts ‘n Coffee has a appetizing selection of cakes and pastries. If sweets don’t tantalize you, go for a goat cheese sandwich or a butter croissant. Come back in the evening because Art ‘n Coffee is an excellent place for a glass of wine or Czech beer. Finally, all art works on display are for sale. They are not very cheap, prices start at CZK 3000 (€ 100). These pieces of art are unique, exotic, beautiful and graceful.

Arts ‘n Coffee is in the centre of Prague, in a passage just off Na příkopě, an elegant shopping street. Be sure to visit here the modern Myslbek Shopping Gallery with over thirty shops including H&M, Calvin Klein and Leonidas, famous Belgian chocolatiers.


Art ‘n Coffee, Na příkopě 24, Nove Mesto, Prague 1

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 08.00-18.00
Saturday and Sunday closed

Arts 'n Coffee

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