Cafe Louvre – Coffee since 1902

Cafe Louvre is an old-fashioned-style coffee house, a historic hotspot. This pre-war cafe is reminiscent of Prague and Viennese coffee house culture. This was the meeting place of the intelligentsia in Prague, of Kafka, Brod and their friends. Einstein was also one of the famous visitors. Louvre is not only a cafe where you come to drink coffee, have lunch or dinner, it is also one of the many sights you must see in Prague. Even when you’re not much of an Art Deco style lover, the beautiful interior with high ceilings and retro chandeliers will delight you, alternatively head to one of the side rooms for a game of billiards.

Cafe Louvre

Cafe Louvre for Coffee and Lunch

This cafe is a favourite stop for morning coffee, black, cappuccino or Viennese coffee with a big dollop of whipped cream. Lunch draws a crowd of office workers, students and tourists who come here for lunch menu at a fixed (low) price. In the afternoon ladies in well-worn fur coats and fuzzy hats come for a cup of tea and a few pastries. The dinner menu features Czech dishes like roast duck and beef goulash. Warm apple strudel doused in vanilla sauce and topped with whipped cream is a pleasant note to end your meal.

Cafe Louvre

Coffee House Old-new Style

Cafe Louvre opened in 1902 and although modernized since then, the café still breathes the atmosphere of Viennese coffee houses. In 1948 the communists closed this cafe restaurant because in their view it was too ‘bourgeois’.

The cafe reopened in 1992 and thrives as never before. The lounge with the billiards table where you also read international newspapers with a cup of coffee and home-made cakes, the dining room where you can sit at a window table for a beautiful view of the Narodni street.

Getting there

Cafe Louvre is centrally located in the Nove Mesto district of Prague, close to the Vltava River and the National Theater and not far from Wenceslas Square. Diagonally opposite Louvre is Kavarna Slavia, another famous cafe also with a coffee house atmosphere.

Address: Cafe Louvre, Narodni 22, Nove Mesto, Prague
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08.00-23.30, Saturday and Sunday 09.00-23.00
Public transport: Metro Mustek (line A and B) or Narodni Trida (line B), tram 22 stop Narodni trida

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