Coffee with a Communist Twist in Cafe Nona

A Prague coffee house with a communist twist is a great place to recharge your batteries after shopping and sightseeing. Cafe Nona is exactly what you’re looking for. This cafe is centrally located in the Nové Město district on Národní třída, a busy shopping street. This is a place perfect for just coffee. As the Czechs start their lunch early, sometimes at half past eleven, the tables are set for lunch. Café Nona is a café pur sang serving coffee all day long.

Cafe Nona Coffee with a View

This is a treat for fans of communist architecture; Café Nona is on the third floor of the Brutalist Nová Scéna building next to the National Theatre. Sit by the large windows and absorb the inspiring atmosphere of Národní Street. This is a treat for tram enthusiasts because from above the cabling on the roof of the trams are clearly visible. Read a newspaper or borrow one of the books from the bookcases if you want to practice your Czech.

This is one of the few places where you can have just coffee and need not order lunch when you are here at lunch time.
Cafe Nona doubles as the foyer of the Nová Scéna theater, known for its Laterna Magika performances in which film and dance are intertwined.

Ideal for studying

Prague is a home to a growing number of students but also freelancers who are often looking for a quiet place to get work done. Bring your laptop, Wi-Fi is available and Café Nona is an inspiring environment to work while you enjoy coffee or homemade lemonades. Reward yourself with a glass of wine if you work late and watch the theater-goers leave to attend the evening performance.

Getting there

Cafe Nona is on the third floor of the Nová Scéna theater next to the National Theater. Diagonally opposite Nona is cafe Slavia, one of the most famous Prague cafes in the Viennese coffee house tradition. This was the coffee house where the dissidents gathered during the communist regime.

Address: Cafe Nona, Národní třída, Nové Město, Prague
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.00 -23.00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 23.00

Photos: Marianne Crone

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