Kavarna Slagr for Viennese Coffee and Cakes

Soft music welcomes you when you enter Kavarna Šlágr. This is a coffee house in Viennese style yet 100% Czech. Period lighting fixtures, original floor tiles, old time photographs and posters enhance the ambiance. Nostalgic Schlager songs and music play from original old-fashioned speakers and take you back to Vienna in the 1920s and 30s. A big pastry counter filled with tantalizing sweets and cakes is next to a central sitting area. A staircase leads up to the mezzanine level. Furnished with cozy armchairs and low tables in 1920s style, this upper level is the best place to sit.

Kavarna Šlágr Viennese Coffee

Kavarna Šlágr for Viennese Coffee

Cafe Šlágr offers affordable breakfast and brunch options served every day from 10 am – 2 pm. Several breakfast menus are available, featuring combinations of eggs, herb omelet, sausages, and croissants. But the real reason you come to Kavarna Šlágr is the coffee: Turkish coffee with cardamom, sailor’s coffee with rum, cherry coffee and Viennese coffee, vídeňské káva in Czech, a tall glass with strong coffee topped with whipped cream, or simply order espresso or cappuccino. Tea lovers are also welcome and choose any number of varieties from Ceylon and Assam to mint with honey. The homemade pastries include carrot and banana cakes, cheesecake and traditional Czech koláče, pastry topped with plums or poppy seeds. The menu also features light snacks, wine and beer.

Kavarna Šlágr Viennese Coffee

Kavarna Šlágr a Modern Coffee House

A coffee house is an institution where time passes slowly. It is a place where writers and artists used to sit at their favourite table discussing politics at length or read the newspapers. Kavarna Šlágr is a modern version of the old fashioned coffee house. Local residents come here for breakfast or a coffee while working on their laptops. Language students meet here their teacher who teaches them while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Kavarna Šlágr Viennese Coffee

More Famous Coffee Houses in Prague

kavarna Slavia 
Slavia was the gathering place of the Czech Avant-Garde in the early twentieth century and of dissidents during the Communist regime. Musicians, writers and activists were regulars. Human rights activist and former president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, was a frequent guest.

Café Louvre 
This was the meeting place of intellecuals, witers and artists. Famous patrons were the author Franz Kafka and his friend Max Brod and physicist Albert Einstein. Café Louvre with its fin de siècle interior is one of the sights of Prague not to be missed.

Kavarna Šlágr Viennese Coffee

How to get there

Kavarna Šlágr is in the Vinohrady district away from the tourist crowd, yet only a few tram stops away from the historic centre. Tram 22, Krymska stop is in front of the café. This tram is the perfect ‘sightseeing tram’ because it stops at most major sights of Prague. Hop on for a do-it-yourself tour of the city at the cost of a tram ticket and see a bit more than the average tourist.

Address: Kavarna Šlágr, Francouzská 72, Praag 2

Photos Marianne Crone

Kavarna Šlágr Viennese Coffee

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