Mama Coffee Cafe and Fair Trade Coffee

Mama Coffee Cafe in Prague is the number one meeting place for young mothers accompanied by toddlers and prams. But also for all hunters of fair trade coffee and tea. Don’t be fooled by the name, Mama Coffee, this cafe is for everyone and in particular for coffee lovers and all adicts of fair trade coffee and tea. If you cannot go in person, order products on-line from the company’s website.

Mama Coffee Cafe and Fair Trade Coffee

Elbow your way in and you may count yourself lucky if you find a free table. Mama Coffee Cafe is very popular. Their specialty is fair trade coffee from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Brazil, fair trade teas, ceramics and all kinds of accessories like writing paper, pens, fridge magnet and much more.

Mama Coffee Cafe

Coffee and Snacks

Strong brews of fair trade coffee and delicious baked apple with raisins sprinkled with sugar and accompanied by slices of kiwi, that’s why Mama Coffee is so popular. Mama Coffee’s menu is extremely vegan-friendly. Try tomato and sesame paste on toast or pita bread filled with hummus. Their veggie burger is one of these perfect burgers you will order again and again.

Coffee Roasting and Grinding

Mama Coffee has been roasting their coffee since 2008 and the company is the first fair trade roasters in Central Europe. Mama coffee is grown by small farmers in coffee producing countries and selected according to fair trade conditions. Mama coffee roasts the beans in small quantities so that the aromatic quality and flavours are activated. Lighter roast are more acidic and fruity whereas darker roast bring out bitter flavours. Grinding is also important because fine, medium or course grind depend on what kind of coffee is made. Fine grind for espresso machines, Turkish coffee and Czech style Turkish coffee, medium grind for filter coffee and coarse grind for bistrot coffee.


Mama Coffee Café, Vodičkova 6, Nove Mesto, Prague 1

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  08.00-22.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-22.00

Mama Coffee Cafe

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