Vozovna Stromovka Restaurant: child-friend and playground

Restaurant Stromovka Vozovna is a child-friendly restaurant with a playground. Vozovna is Czech for tram depot and that’s exactly what the building used to be. Restaurant Vozovna Stromovka is beautifully situated among ancient trees and is the meeting place in Prague for mothers with children. On sunny days, they sit outside under colourful umbrellas and can watch their children play in Kastanek playground. There are plenty of swings and climbing frames and a special place for the little ones to build sandcastles. Are you looking for a child-friendly restaurant in Prague? Restaurant Vozovna Stromovka is your place!

stromovka restaurant

Restaurant Vozovna: lunch al fresco

This almost undiscovered gem in Stromovka Park is perfect for lunch or a drink al fresco. The former tram depot now converted into a restaurant features a modern interior and an outside terrace. Restaurant Vozovna is the ideal stop for lunch or just a cup of coffee or a glass beer. It is the perfect place, with or without children.

Restaurant Stromovka: child-friendly

Vozovna Restaurant enjoys a prime location in the middle of one of Prague’s best-loved parks. It is also one of the most child-friendly restaurants in Prague as the outdoor terrace overlooks the playground. A bonus is the special children’s menu. Meatballs in tomato sauce with penne and grated cheese will delight every child.

stromovka restaurant

Restaurant Stromovka: Czech and international dishes

The menu offers both typical Czech and international dishes. Grilled sausage served with mustard and a large glass of Czech beer is the Czech staple. A healthier option is the chicory salad with avocado. Don’t leave without the dessert or take this as a main course: fruit dumplings with cottage cheese, sugar and melted butter.

Address: Restaurant Vozovna Stromovka, Královská obora 2, Bubenec, Prague
Opening hours: daily 11.00-17.00
Tram 6, 12, 17 Vystaviste Holesovice stop


photos Marianne Crone

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