Olsina trail: hiking through former restricted military area in Czech Republic

The Olšina trail in South Bohemia is a nature hike along the banks of the Olšina pond. You can do this on a day trip from Prague, but staying overnight at the Olšina resort on the edge of the lake gives you more time to enjoy nature. The hike takes just under two hours and takes you through a varied landscape of dry and wet forests, meadows, wetlands and swamps.

Wooden boardwalks and Fun Attractions

The Olšina Trail is a seven kilometer hiking route. This nature trail was off limits for decades because it was a military zone but has been open for the public since 2020. It is a swampy area and wooden boardwalks above the wetlands make walking easy. Along the route, there are viewpoints and fun attractions. There is a floating pier, a bridge inspired by a beaver dam and a lookout consisting of just a ladder and a giant bird’s nest.

Getting there

The Olšina trail is located between the towns of Český Krumlov and Horní Planá in Šumava, the Bohemian Forest National Park. The nature trail takes you through wetlands and the pond is a protected bird area and is home to the mute swan, woodlark and bald eagle.

The hike is easy to follow and starts at the visitors’ centre which has a restaurant and parking area. Visitors can also come by train. The pond is located five kilometers from the Horní Planá train station and there is also a strain station in Hodňov, only a 15 minutes’ walk from the visitors’ centre.

The nature trail is open all year round and in fine weather also suitable for prams. As the path leads through a swampy area, it may be muddy and slippery in rainy weather.

How to get from Prague to the Olšina trail

The Olšina trail is just under 200 km from Prague and journey time by car is 2,5 hours
Public transport, two routes:
1. Bus from Prague Central Station via Cesky Krumlov to Horni Plana
2. From Prague Central Station to Cesky Budejovice change to train to Hodňov

Tip from the editor of Prague-Now
Make it into a two-day trip and stay in Resort Olšina. The Olšina trail is only a few steps away. More about Resort Olšina

Photos © Vojenské lesy a statky ČR

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