All (editorial) information on Stedenman’s websites (f.e. Prague-Now and Amsterdam-Now) has been compiled with the greatest care and to the best of our knowledge, but Stedenman and its authors can in no way guarantee the correctness or completeness of this information. Stedenman and affiliates, data vendors and suppliers are not liable for any damage resulting from inaccuracies, problems caused by or inherent in the distribution of information via the internet, and technical failures.

Information provided by Stedenman is partly derived from sources that may be considered reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of these cannot be guaranteed. The information on Stedenman websites is updated daily and changes may be made at any time with immediate effect without any notification. It is possible that Stedenman receives a commission on purchases made on internet sites accessed via links from our website

Despite the constant care and attention we pay to the composition of the Stedenman websites, it is possible that the information published on these websites is incomplete or incorrect. Mistakes cannot always be prevented, so if you notice an error, please let us know via info@stedenman.nl so that we can make the appropriate adjustments.

Links to other websites

The websites of Stedenman contain a number of links to websites that do not form part of the Stedenman domain or to sources of information that are maintained by third parties. Stedenman is not liable for the content of these sites and / or the way in which these sites deal with your (personal) data. Please read the privacy policy, the disclaimer, the copyright and the general terms and conditions, if any, of the site you are visiting.

Articles about third-party products

Reviews may also appear on the websites of Stedenman. These are articles about addresses we have tried, books we have read, products we have tasted, cookbooks that we have tried out or other products that we have tested.

We sometimes receive products from third parties; others are already in our possession or we buy them ourselves. We are regularly invited to come and have a look ourselves, eat or sleep, but just as often we choose ourselves where we want to browse, taste and stay – and we pay for it ourselves.

Starting-point for Stedenman is an honest story, regardless of whether we receive something for free or pay for it. If we are not 100% in favour of it, we will not write about it, because our readers only deserve the best tips.


The websites of Stedenman also publish advertorials, messages from third parties that are also partly written by third parties and for which Stedenman receives a fee. We work full-time at the Stedenman websites and in this way we can bear the cost so that we can continue to provide our readers with free information, tips and facts about interesting cities and regions.

We will never place advertorials for products and companies that we do not support or for products and companies that do not have any affinity with our websites. Again, we only share with our visitors those matters that have our approval.


The contents of advertisements on our websites are compiled by the advertisers or on their behalf. Stedenman does not test them on accuracy, completeness or legitimacy. Stedenman accepts no liability for the contents and design of advertisements. We exclude all liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, resulting from or relating to the use of the sites of Stedenman.nl, or with the temporary inaccessibility of the Stedenman websites. Neither are we liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information obtained through the sites of Stedenman.nl. Stedenman.nl neither warrants nor supports any product or service mentioned in this publication, neither does it guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer of such products.

Copyright / Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights relating to the information contained in this website – including applications, texts, illustrations and graphic representations of this website – are the property of Stedenman, unless indicated by source reference. The user is not permitted to duplicate, reproduce and / or publish in print, photocopy, fax, retype, store in an automated data file or otherwise. This applies to complete or partial processing, without prior express written consent from Stedenman.

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