Cross Club Musical Hotspot for Alternative Music

Cross Club is a popular cultural and musical hotspot in Prague. It is known for its unique atmosphere and eclectic mix of music styles, ranging from electronic music to live performances, which appeals to lovers of alternative music and subcultures. The club is located in a former factory and is decorated with a wonderful mix of metal constructions, pipes, gears and other industrial elements.

Cross Club Music and Art

In terms of music, Cross Club offers a wide variety of genres, including electronic music, techno, drum and bass, dubstep and experimental music. They regularly organize themed parties, live performances and DJ sets, so there is always something going on.

Another interesting thing about Cross Club is that they regularly organize art exhibitions, theater performances, (also in English) and other cultural events. This makes the Cross Club a meeting place for music and art lovers alike.

Cross Club for everyone

The Cross Club is also attractive for anyone who doesn’t like electronic music. The interior design alone is worth it! In addition to the music and lively atmosphere, Cross Club also has a bar and a restaurant area where you can eat both indoors and outdoors. Afternoons are quiet with no music and relatively few others. The menu includes both Czech and international dishes


The Cross Club is right next to metro station Nádraží Holešovice. Turn left when you come out of the metro station. The Cross Club immediately catches the eye because of its futuristic decorations.
Address: Cross Club Plynární 1096, Holesovice, Prague

Opening hours
Cafe / bar: daily 2 pm – 2 am
Buffet in the courtyard closes at 9 pm
Club : 6 p.m. – 5 a.m. and Friday night and Saturday night until 7 a.m.

Admission is usually free during the week, with a modest entry fee on Fridays and Saturdays. No entrance fees for the bar and restaurant.

Main stage: 8 p.m. – 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday until 7 a.m
Second stage: 6:00 pm – 3:00 am Friday and Saturday until 5:00 am

photos Marianne Crone

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