Dum Radost and Boutique Cinema in Zizkov District

When Dum Radost (House of Joy) was built, it was the tallest office building in Prague and in the Czech Republic. The building houses offices, apartments, a theater, a café, an old-style cinema and a boutique-style cinema: Cinema Pritomnost. This new style cinema has only seventy seats, has a bar and looks more like a snug sitting room than a traditional cinema. Pritomnost is cashless and you can only pay by credit or debit cards. Your drink arrives at your table through the ‘silence order’ system so that everyone can watch the film without any disturbance. Radost Boutique cinema a good place to spend a pleasant evening.

radost boutique cinema

Dum Radost and Functionalism

Dum Radost is located in the Zizkov district and was built between 1932 and 1943 in functionalist style. The architects Karel Honzik and Josef Havlicek took their inspiration from the work of Le Corbusier and designed this 52-meter-tall building with eleven floors in functionalist style. This means that the function of the building determines its form and appearance. The characteristics of this architecture are austerity and few ornaments. The architects designed the floor plan as a cross so that all 700 rooms would benefit from daylight. They built eleven floors, which in the 1930s meant that it was the tallest building in the Czech Republic. At the time, the building was described as ‘very daring’ but also as ‘very successful.’ Its height made the building a clear target for bombers in World War II and that’s why it was painted black. After the war, the paint was removed.

radost boutique cinema

Boutique Cinema Pritomnost

Boutique Cinema Pritomnost is luxury, quirky and also intimate. This new style cinema is located in the basement of the Radost building in the Zizkov district. While watching a movie in a comfortable armchair, your drink is served on a low table. It is as if you are watching a movie at home in your own sitting room. The bar opens before the movie starts and stays open throughout. The cinema-sitting room is also used for small-scale concerts, parties, wine tastings and workshops. The Pritomnost website will tell you what movie is on and to buy your tickets through the GoOut network. After the last performance of the day, you can spend the rest of the evening in the stylish bar, which is transformed into a lounge with DJs several days a week.

How to get there

Park Radost is the small park across the street. Here you will find Bar Smutek where you can have a drink while listening to DJs. (Radost means joy and smutek means sadness)
Address: Dum Radost, namesti Winstona Churchilla 2
Public transport: tram 3, 5, 9 stop Husinecka

Photos radost boutique cinema: wiki commons and facebook

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