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Pinball machines in Prague are not hard to find but you should know where to look for them. Do you remember that nostalgic feeling when you spent all your pocket money playing pinball? Go to the Joystick Arcade Bar and relive this feeling, this time with a Czech beer in your hand. Play on one of the ten pinball machines or one of the sixteen arcade games, a guarantee for hours of fun. You won’t break the bank because a game costs 10 CZK and that is 30 euro cents (44 dollar cents). Bring a pocket full of small coins and start playing.


Pinball Machines Galore

A entire wall full of pinball machines! Joystick bar is the El Dorado for everyone who likes to play pinball. Other classic games that are worth mentioning are: Mortal Kombat 3 and 4, Terminator and motorcycle games where you sit on a real bike and race. In addition to arcade games, you will also find table football, Nintendo Wii and Mario Kart. Pinball enthusiasts will come back again and again for Dr. Who, Baywatch, Fish Tales, Jurassic Park, WWF Royal Rumble and the Flintstones pinball games.


Joystick and Beer

You go to Joystick Arcade Bar for the pinball machines but also for the beer: Uneticka 10° and 12°, unfiltered with a distinct hop taste, sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Uneticka 12° means that the sugar content is higher and therefore the beer has a higher alcohol content. It is therefore stronger than Uneticka 10°.

How to Get There

Joystick Arcade Bar is located right in the city centre close to Wenceslas Square. Joystick sits in a basement on Jindrisska Street at the end of a seemingly abandoned passage. Walk to the end and Joystick is on your left.

Address: Joystick Arcade Bar, Jindrisska 5, Prague

Open: daily 16.00 – 02.00 hours

Public transport: The nearest tram stop is Jindrisska. Take tram 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 24 or metro line A or B to metro station Mustek. Mustek is a very large station and it is quite difficult to find the exit that is closest to the Joystick Arcade Bar. The tram is therefore more convenient.

You can find more pinball machines in: Chapeau Rouge, Jacubska 2, near the Old Town Square

Photos: Marianne Crone


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