Wine Bar, Beer Hall and Weed

Wine bar U Sudu in Prague has the best of both worlds: a neat wine bar upstairs and a maze of vaulted rooms downstairs with DJ’s, beer and the unmistakable smell of weed. U Sudu is close to Wenceslas Square which is a big bonus because this wine bar cum beer garden is open until 4 am and close the Lazarska street night tram stop, just around the corner from Wenceslas Square. U Sudu is an interesting mix of Czechs and foreigners in the 25-35-year age group.

U Sudu Wine Bar

U Sudu has two levels. Upstairs is a small wine bar with tall wooden tables. In this section there is waiter service. Prompt service: as soon as your glass is empty, you will be asked if you would like to have another (is this service or a sales trick?). There is a choice of wine from the barrel and of more mature wines. The short menu features Czech specialties such as duck pâté and roasted duck but also titbits like cheese and olives. Excellent atmosphere, good prices and intimately lit with small candles.

wine bar

U Sudu Beer Hall

Descend into the underground maze of corridors and halls, authentic and with a completely different atmosphere. Pinball machines and table football games to keep you busy and in each hall a different kind of music from classic guitar to electronic dance. Here you drink beer at long tables, here you smoke cannabis in moderation and here it is extremely noisy.

U Sudu in the Barrel

U Sudu, Czech for ‘in the barrel’ has a long history. The original room was on the ground floor of the building in Vodičkova street. Over the years, the medieval cellars of the adjacent buildings were connected to U Sudu. The result is a complex system of passages with Gothic vaults. On the ground floor there is a beer bar and two more halls, one with a piano. The subterranean vaults consist of four interconnected rooms furnished with wooden tables and benches. In addition there is a second bar and dance floor and from Wednesday to Saturday DJs.


U Sudu
Vodičkova 10
Prague 1

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 09.00-04.00
Friday and Saturday 09.00-05.00
Sunday from 11.00-04.00

foto Brandon Burke @ Flickr

wine bar

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