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Bohemian Retro Vintage is stepping back in Czechoslovak past while still remaining in present-day Prague. This vintage fashion shop is in Zizkov, an emerging neighbourhood in Prague. Bohemian Retro is packed with gems, from retro bags and stiletto-heeled shoes to vintage lace dresses made from grandma’s curtains. The shop owner buys from young adults who are clearing out their parents or grandparents homes. They consider many items old-fashioned like lace curtains, crochet bedspreads, 1960s glasses and sunglasses and imitation pearl necklaces. Be sure to rummage through all the gems displayed on tables and hidden in boxes.

Bohemian retro

Bohemian Retro and Vintage Fashion

Bohemian Vintage is a boutique to die for! What’s more, the entire collection is very reasonably priced. You need not have a sixth sense to realize that this boutique brims with authentic vintage and retro fashion from the periods 1920 to 1980. You will find not only fashion items but also accessories like butterfly sunglasses, beaded clutches, Raffia handbags, fake pearl necklaces with matching earrings and 1950s stiletto-heeled shoes.

Bohemian Vintage is not only interesting for women’s fashion also men’s fashion is abundantly represented. Go home with a 1930s tuxedo or morning coat, pure wool jackets and the finest linen and silk shirts, as well as a selection of ties, plain, striped jacquard, silk and in all colours and all widths.

Vintage Lace Dresses

What makes this retro boutique unique is that many garments are made of vintage material such as lace bedspreads, embroidered tablecloths or crocheted curtains. This vintage material is processed into stylish fashion and unique in its kind. You will also find a lot of fashion and knick-knack items from the former Czechoslovakia; very different in style from what was common in Western Europe in the last century

Bohemian retro

Bohemian Retro also for Bric-a-Brac

Bohemian Retro also features collectibles from Czechoslovakia. The collection ranges from retro clocks and travel alarm clocks, Czechoslovak porcelain, Bohemian glassware, all kinds of storage tins, boxes, ashtrays and much more.

How to get there

Bohemian Retro is in Zizkov, a neighborhood where students and artists live because of the low rent. The laid-back atmosphere in the district make a sharp contrast with the centre of Prague.

Address: Bohemian Retro, Vintage Fashion, Chvalova 8, Prague
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 2 pm-7pm.

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