Hana Havelkova Fashion

If you like fashion, you like Prague. Hana Havelkova is one of the many interesting fashion boutiques in this city. Havelkova’s designs are a combination of trendy and classic and from smart to casual. The collection consists of shirts, blouses and dresses inspired by natural colours; white, sand and beige. Clean and simple lines define Hana Havelkova’s style. Fine workmanship is Hana Havelkova’s hallmark. Her designs are feminine a with refined details and above all they are extremely elegant and wearable.

Hana Havelkova Fashion

Hana Havelkova Unique Designs

Unique cuts make Havelkova’s garments suited for a wide variety of occasions and range from smart to casual, with muted colours. You need never be afraid to see another guest at the same party wearing your Havelkova designer outfit. Garments may be made with the same cut, but all details are different. Elegant details and feminine elegance are two other characteristics.

An evening dress should be sexy and provocative whereas a wedding dress fragile and innocent; her designs always reflect the occasion when they are worn as do her coats, jackets, dresses and tunics both for leisure time and special occasions. Her typical client is an active woman who adores fashion and wants to wear unique garments. Her designs highlight the beauty and intelligence of the women who wear her garments.

Getting there

Hana Havelkova is located in the Josefov neighbourhood of Prague, very close to Old Town Square and Pariszka Avenue lined with fashion boutiques that represent many haute couture fashion houses like Hermes, Dior, Prada and Gucci.

Address: Hana Havelkova, Dusni 10, Josefov

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11.00-19.00, closed on Saturday and Sunday

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