Slow Fashion: Stylish, Sustainable and Ethical

Slow fashion or sustainable fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. Fast fashion clothing is often produced in poor working conditions. Many of the international clothing brands and fashion shops no longer buy from sweatshops but opt for Fair-trade garments that are produced in decent working conditions. The latest fashion trend is to go for sustainable clothing. This market is on the rise and more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Prices may be slightly higher, but buying slow fashion means everyone, from producer to wearer, pays a fair price.

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Slow fashion: Fairtrade and Sustainable Clothing

Slow fashion is hot! When it comes to sustainable clothing, buying second-hand is one of the best options because the garments have already been produced. If you want something new, go for slow fashion. You can be sure that these garments are Fair-trade and sustainable and produced under fair conditions. You will also find more and more trendy, sustainable and fair fashion boutiques in Prague.

Sustainable Fashion Boutiques in the Centre of Prague

1. Etikbutik, Rasinovo nabrezi 54, Nove Mesto and online
Open Monday to Friday 1 pm-7pm, Saturday 10 am-3pm.

EtikButik specializes in vegan shoes and fashion. They also have a clothing line for children and babies. All fashion items are made from recycled or residual material. EtikButik is a family shop based on the ahisma philosophy, literally meaning ‘don’t kill’. In the broader sense of the word ‘love for all that is created’. EtiButik pays much attention to the materials from which their clothing is made. It is one of the few shops in Prague that stock items made from pineapple leather or piñatex. Piñatex is a vegan textile made from the fibers from pineapple leaves and the residual product of the pineapple cultivation.

2. Freslables, Jindrisska 15, Nove Mesto
Open 7 days a week 10 am-8pm.

Freshlables offers a wide range of sustainable fashion from underwear to backpacks and from shoes to hats: stylish and eco-friendly fashion for men and women. Very special is the eco-swimwear, a clothing line that is often overlooked. Not only the clothing and accessories are eco-friendly, the interior of the store is also sustainable. Only recycled, eco-friendly materials have been used.

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Sustainable Fashion Boutiques in the Karlin and Vinohrady Neighbourhoods

3. Bohempia, Sokolovska 76, Karlin
Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Bohempia is a Czech company known for T-shirts and sneakers made from 100% natural hemp, for both men and women. The canvas of the sneakers is made of hemp and the soles are rubber. They also stock socks, belts and bags. The raw material of all products is sustainable hemp and produced in small workshops all over Europe. Hemp is a very durable material and is one of the strongest natural fibers. In addition to being eco-friendly, hemp clothing is airy and protective. Compared to cotton, hemp requires 50% less water, the yield is four times higher and 95% less agricultural chemicals are used.

4. NILAstore, Korunni 91, Vinohrady
Open 10 am-7pm on Sundays until 6pm

NILA is a concept store and sells vegan and Fairtrade labels from all over the world that are produced sustainably. They specialize in fashion from international and local designers for both men and women. You will find here not only fashion but also a wide selection of organic cosmetics and home accessories. Nila Kids across the street sells sustainable children’s fashion and toys.

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