Best Vintage and Retro Shopping in Prague

Vintage shopping in Prague: Antik Petit, Bohemian Retro and Antikvita. Whether one seeks an antique wedding dress, crocheted gloves or 1950s sunglasses with cat eye frames, vintage and retro is hot in Prague. Antik Petit and Bohemian Retro sell vintage fashion, meaning that all fashion items are older than 25 years because anything younger is considered second-hand. Go to Antikvita for matching fine jewelry, costume jewelry and antique toys.

vintage shopping

Vintage Shopping at Antik Petit

You will not find tourists at Antik Petit in Prague (Anny Letenske 12) nor inflated prices. This welcoming little shop is packed with treasures: antique brooches, lace gloves and jewelry. It is a paradise for lovers of antique textiles. The owner, Mrs. Olga Bystronová, gets her supplies from all over the Czech Republic. The younger generation wants to get rid of anything old-fashioned as it reminds them too much of the Communist period.

Display cabinets brim with crocheted bedspreads, wedding dresses, lace pillowcases, embroidered tablecloths, beaded purses and retro earrings. Carefully maneuver your way among porcelain figurines, crystal carafes and richly decorated flower vases. Admire oil paintings, watercolors and drawings. Go home with an Art Deco fan or a set of embroidered napkins.

vintage shopping

Shopping at Bohemian Retro

Bohemian Retro (Chvalova 8) is vintage shopping for fashionistas in Prague, not only fashion but also for collectibles: turtle-framed sunglasses, vintage buttons, plastic and glass beaded necklaces, costume jewelry, hats and envelope clutches. The collection comprises antiquated clocks, brightly coloured ceramics, decorative boxes and tins, ashtrays in all shapes and sizes many other gadgets. Although owner Rebecca Eastwood is originally British, her store is Bohemian in style. Shelves are full of ladies’ and gentlemen’ retro fashion: how about a bow tie or stiletto shoes. Everything is very affordable. A vintage dress is only € 25!

vintage shopping

Retro Shopping for Jewelry at Antikvita

Antikvita (Na Hutich 9) specializes in antiques: costume and fine jewelry particularly jewelry set with garnets, a Czech specialty, gold antique watches, gold and silver coins. It is very worthwhile to pay a visit because here you will find items probably not seen in any other antique shop. Especially interesting are the antique toys and the vintage cameras. Go home with an antique mahogany writing desk, but maybe the retro snuff box fits better in your luggage. The store is chock-full so you have to search for that one unique item that you always wanted to have but didn’t need at all.

Vintage Shopping and How to Recognize it

Start your vintage shopping at Antik Petit and Bohemian Retro. They sell only vintage fashion and no second-hand items. This means everything is more than 25 years old. Each piece of clothing shows what was the latest fashion in those days and its relationship to political and economic events at the time.

Every piece of clothing is stylish and of high quality. Each item of clothing shows what was the latest fashion in those days and what relationship there existed between fashion, political and economic events at the time. The hemline theory suggests that short skirts are an indication of a booming economy and long skirts means hard times are to come.

Fashion 1920 – 1950

Modern fashion starts in the 1920s: corsets were out, flowing lines were in. Women gained voting rights. They drove cars and fashion reflected this. Garments became more practical. All this ensured that the fashion scene changed completely.

The 1930s brought make-up, zippers and paper sewing patterns. Women could copy make fashions they saw in films themselves. Going on a holiday became popular and special clothing was needed. This resulted in casual wear and also swimsuits.

Christian Dior launched the New Look in the 1940s. The silhouette was characterized by a small, tightened up waist and a full skirt falling below mid-calf length. In 1950, the clothing of Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren inspired ready-to-wear fashion. Teenagers developed their own style and started to wear jeans, once men’s workwear, now a sign of rebellion.

Fasihion 1960 -1980

1960: Mary Quant popularized miniskirts, hot pants, brightly coloured tights, baby dolls and pantsuits. 1970: unisex. Popular colours were ocher, brown and beige. 1980: the emphasis was on designer fashion, quality was less important. This was the time of stone washed jeans and leggings.

All items of clothing before 1920 are antique, everything from 1920 to twenty years before the present day is vintage. Retro is clothing from the recent past that no longer is considered modern. Do your vintage shopping in Prague at Antik Petit for antique fashion and Bohemian Retro for vintage.

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