10,000 live jellyfish in Prague shopping centre

Ten thousand jellyfish in a shopping centre and crocodiles on the first floor of a residential block: Prague will surprise you! Prague is a perfect destination for children with lots of kid-friendly activities. The ‘World of Jellyfish’ and the ‘Crocodile Zoo’ are away from the city centre but easy to reach by metro or tram. Both attractions have long opening hours. The Crocodile Zoo is best visited when at feeding times. Yiu will also get more information about the crocodiles, their natural habitat, their diet and more. The best part is that anyone who wants to can hold a baby crocodile in one’s arms.

10,000 live jellyfish in Prague shopping centre

Ten thousand Jellyfish in Svet Meduz

Svet Medus, World of Jellyfish, is located on the top floor of shopping centre Arkady Pankrac in the Nusle district. There are 38 aquariums containing 12,500 liters of water and 10,000 jellyfish that gracefully move through the water. Technical gadgets creates a feeling of being under water. 3-D projections and audiovisual effects enhance this sensation.

The Magic of these Sea Creatures

Jellyfish can sting and when they wash up on the beach they are not so magical. Yet, when you see them moving in the water, they sometimes look like parachutes bobbing up and down. From a safe position behind glace, you can see the most deadly jellyfish in the world: the Australian sea wasp. Its long tentacles act as poisonous arrows when touched. When this sea creature attacks you, you will be dead in three minutes. People nearby you must also stay away if they want to escape without being harmed because this sea creature has enough poison to kill sixty people.

10,000 live jellyfish in Prague shopping centre

Accessibility and location

The jellyfish aquariums are on the top floor of the Arkady Pankrac shopping centre. Before or after your visit to the jellyfish, you can do a tour of the shopping centre because this is an excellent opportunity to shop without tourists. With 125 stores, it is one of the major shopping malls in Prague.

Address: Arkady Pankrac, na Pankraci 86, Nusle, Prague
Open: 7 days a week from 09.00-21.00
Public transport: metro line C station Pankrac

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photos Marianne Crone

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