Gallery of Steel Figures: Art from Recycled Scrap

Gallery of Steel Figures shows about 100 handmade sculptures from recycled scrap: from Darth Vader to Donald Duck. The collection is based on classics: movies, comics and cartoon characters, history and legends of the automotive world. The hands-on exhibition is interactive. Touch and interact with the exhibits! It takes almost a year for a complicated work of art to be finished. Simpler works are ready within a month. The car sculptures are the most labour-intensive, and definitely the most interesting because every detail reflects reality.

steel figures

Gallery of Steel Figures, a Second Life for Scrap

Exhibits include the Minions, Transformers, ET and the Hulk. You can also try out whether the Game of Thrones seat is comfortable. Since the artworks change every few months, the exhibition is always a surprise. Any kind of scrap finds a second life here. Nuts, bolts, sprockets, brake discs, chains and much more are the basic elements. All parts are welded together and the artist uses his creativity. He creates characters, animals, furniture, figures, utensils and cars. The size of the works of art varies from 1 meter to 3 meters and the weight is also impressive because that can be up to 1200 kilos.

Gallery of Steel Figures of Polish Origin

The Gallery of Steel Figures is not a Czech invention but Polish in origin. In addition to Prague, this exhibition can also be found in Warsaw, Zakopane and Pruszkow. It is the brainchild of Jose Mariusz Ojejnik. It all began when he designed a coffee table with a glass top based on a V8 engine. He became enthusiastic and more followed. His artworks kept getting bigger. He and his team do not use any industrial machinery, everything is made by hand. A welding machine, a burner, a hammer and cutting tool is all it takes.

Gallery of Steel Figures interactive

The whole exhibition is interactive. Nothing can break so you can climb up or sit on and touch everything. It is fun for children but also for adults. The cars, including a Fiat 500, Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss, a McLaren P1, Ferrari California T, Mercedes-Benz G-Class are all worked out in detail. They are on the ground floor because of their weight, the historic building may not be able to support the load. From the top floor you have a good view of the cars. On this floor you will find lighter-in-weight artworks such as action heroes and cartoon characters.

Getting there

Gallery of Steel Figures is located in a historic building near Wenceslas Square.
Address: 28. Rijna 13, Nove Mesto, Prague
Open: daily 10am-10pm

Gallery of Steel Figures is wheelchair accessible with an elevator to the upper floor.

Get your tickets online here. This saves you queuing at the entrance

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