Garden Coffee Shop in Franciscan Garden and Playground

The Garden Coffee Shop, Truhlarna, in the Franciscan Garden is a you can’t miss spot for lovers of coffee, trees and flowers who are in Prague with children. This café is extremely kids-friendly with home-made lemonade and delicious pastry. What’s more, the children sit at their own kid-size table. When done eating and drinking, they move on to the children’s playground next to the Garden Coffee Shop. They can go on their own and feel independent as the playground is within the Franciscan Garden.


Kid-friendly Coffee Shop and Playground

The Garden Coffee Shop is located in the Franciscan Garden is a very quiet spot next to the hustle and bustle of Wenceslas Square. The Coffee Garden is nicely laid out and surrounded by green plants, trees and flowers. Sit in the shade of flowering bushes and enjoy a coffee or simple lunch. The children will make a beeline for the ice-cream box.

Franciscan Garden Playground

Next to The garden Coffee Shop is the children’s playground with a large sandpit. No need to bring your own buckets and spades as there are plenty of them. The climbing frame and slide are meant for younger children and may be not challenging enough for older ones. Since maternity leave in the Czech Republic can be as long as three years, there are always young mothers with their children here to play in the sand.


Public Toilet

Finding a public toilet in or near a children’s playground is often impossible. The good thing of the Franciscan playground is that there is a clean toilet at the entrance / exit to Jungmannovo Square. The playground in this park is one of the few in Prague that has these facilities.


Frantiskanska zahrada (Franciscan Garden)

The garden has several entrances: directly from Jungmannovo namesti, through Svetozor Passage reached from Vodickova Street, or through a passage from Wenceslas Square.

photos Marianne Crone


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