LEGO Museum and Shop Star Wars and Dolls Houses

LEGO Museum in Prague displays 2500 models in which 1.000.000 bricks were used! This shows that a city trip to Prague with children is an excellent holiday. Just imagine 2500 LEGO models on three floors this must be music to your ears. Who hasn’t played with LEGO as a child (and maybe still does). The entrance to the Museum is through the LEGO store. Glass showcases brimful with LEGO models from fire stations to zoos and from Star Wars to the Taj Mahal line the walls of the exhibition rooms.


LEGO Museum and Shop Star Wars and Dolls Houses

LEGO Museum in Prague

The LEGO museum in Prague is not only the largest in the Czech Republic but also in the world. It tells the history of LEGO building sets in chronological order. The year the set was put on the market is indicated as is the number of bricks used for each individual model. All models on show are available in the well-stocked store. All sets are numbered so you can easily buy one in the store. The exhibition consists of twenty different sections. Besides Star Wars and Ninjago also scale models of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are on displayed.

Passionate LEGO Collector

The owner of the collection collected LEGO for 37 years and consists of 2500 models and 1,000,000 bricks. New models are added to the exhibition all the time. A visit to the museum is going back to your childhood for the adults and ‘please, can I have that’ for the children. You will recognize the garage you built as a child or the DUPLO your son didn’t want to play with and the fire station that both son and daughter loved. There is also a section especially for girls, doll houses with tiny tables and chairs, babies in beds and fathers and mothers wheeling a pram. It is easy to find these because pink is the main colour.

LEGO Museum and Shop Star Wars and Dolls Houses

Build your own LEGO model

When you have seen all the exhibits, you get to a section with three large tables full of LEGO bricks. While the children are constructing fantasy models are using guidelines for a construction, the adult (if they haven’t joined in) sit at a table and take refreshments from the vending machine. Finally, the hard part of your visit: how will you get your children past the Lego display in the store without buying. Impossible! You will walk out with a new LEGO set, that’s for sure!

Getting there

The LEGO Museum is located close to Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope shopping street. If you, or your children, are hungry for more LEGO or other toys, the largest toy shop in Prague is Hamleys, the Czech branch of the famous British store (na Prikope 14). They have traditional but also innovative toys. The good thing about Hamleys is that you can try out all the toys.

Address: Muzeum LEGA / LEGO Museum, Narodni 31, Nove Mesto, Prague
Open every day from 10 am to 8 pm.
Metro Mustek line A and B

photos Marianne Crone

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