Mirror Maze and Distorting Mirrors on Petrin Hill

Mirror Maze and twisted mirrors are the perfect entertainment for young and old. Part of the fun is getting there by funicular that takes you up to the top of Petrin Hill. If you are energetic, go on foot. A steep path leads past apple and pear trees. In the autumn you can pick the fruit for free. This is a remnant from Communist days when fruit trees were planted all over Prague and the Czech Republic so that the population could pick fruit from the trees (and stay healthy). Your visit to the Mirror Maze will include the mirror labyrinth, the hall of laughter with distorting mirrors and the diorama of the battle on Charles Bridge in 1648.

Mirror Maze and Distorting Mirrors on Petrin Hill

Mirror Maze and Warped Mirrors

The Mirror Maze is a labyrinth of paths, but you will not lose your bearings as the way out is quite straight forward. However, young children will bump time and again against one of the mirrors they mistake for the way out. In addition to the labyrinth, you will also find the hall of laughter with distorting mirrors, fun for young and old. Before getting to the mirrors, you will see displayed a diorama that depicts a scene from the Thirty Years War: the resistance of the Czechs in 1648 on the Charles Bridge against the invasion of the Swedes.

Mirror Maze and Distorting Mirrors on Petrin Hill

Diorama Painting

The diorama painting is eighty square metres and the work of two painters who were brothers: Adolf and Karel Liebscher. Karel was the landscape painter and also took care of the architecture while Adolf painted the rest. They must have worked almost say and night because the painting was finished in fifty days. Apart from the scene on Charles Bridge, the painting gives a clear impression of what the left bank of the Vltava River looked like in seventeenth century.

Mirror Maze and Distorting Mirrors on Petrin Hill

Miniature Castle on Petrin Hill

The Mirror Maze is housed in a miniature castle on Petrin Hill. This imitation gothic building was part of the Great Exhibition of 1891. The miniature Eiffel Tower next to the maze was built for the same exhibition. The Mirror Maze building is a replica of the former Gothic gate of Vysehrad, Prague’s second castle. When the World Exhibition came to an end, the structure was transferred to Petrin Hill. The entrance to the mirror maze is an imitation of a medieval gate with a drawbridge.

Getting there

The Mirror Maze is on Petrin Hill one of the seven hills on which Prague is built. Take tram 22 or 23 to the Ujezd stop and then the funicular or walk up a steep path. Your public transport ticket is valid on the funicular. Follow the sign ‘ bludiste’.

Address: Mirror Maze (Bludiste), Petrinsky Sady, Mala Strana, Prague

Opening hours
November to February 10.00-18.00
March 10.00-20.00
April to September 10.00-22.00
October 10.00-20.00

photos Marianne Crone

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