Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

Are you thrilled when you see a 7000 series tram in Prague? And is a ride on the new Skoda tram with the yellow front your ultimate wish? If so, you should visit the Muzeum MHD Stresovice, the Public Transport Museum. A visit will certainly satisfy your wishes and provide you with an afternoon of sheer pleasure! The museum displays the crème de la crème of trams and buses; from the first horse drawn trams to the latest model with air-conditioning.

Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

Public Transport Museum Collection

The collection of trams and buses in the Public Transport Museum in Prague makes the heart of every tram lover beat faster. Who doesn’t like to see a horse-drawn tram, with taxidermy horses teamed up, but apart from the fake horses completely genuine, or a trolley tram that used to ride in Prague?

Public Transport Museum Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition provides an overview of the history of public transport in Prague through photos, documents, tickets, timetables and historical information. The visitor will see a horse-drawn tram dating from 1891, the prototype of the present trams. There is also a model of the high-speed train the R 1, developed in the early 1970s for the Prague metro. Buses and trolley buses that were part of the rolling stock are also displayed. Tiny detail: When in the nineteenth century a tram was delayed and the driver was to blame, he would be sacked!

Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

Discover Trams of the Past

All trams stand in neat rows. You can have a peep through the windows as it not allowed to go inside many of the trams. This is a bit disappointing, but the collection has been labeled as a cultural monument. So it is important that no trams are damaged. The good thing is there are quite a few trams you can go inside. It is interesting to see that the trams in the museum are not much different from some of the trams that still run through Prague.

Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

Trams in Prague

All trams in Prague have a serial number. The oldest trams have numbers 7001 to 7240 and were built by the Tatra Company between 1982 and 1990. These trams have plastic bucket seats and each seat has its own heating. They have a high entrance with three steps up and are not very passenger-friendly. Fortunately, fellow passengers are always very helpful and will carry the pram inside or help the elderly to negotiate the steps. These trams now have new doors and an automatic button to open them. Only in 2005 a new series of trams with a low entrance was put into service. The newest trams have a low entry and air-conditioning. They used to have WiFi but as it was unreliable and quite slow and WiFi was abolished in 2020.

Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

Nostalgic Tram

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can go for a ride on tram 41. This model tram ran through Prague from 1908 to 1924. You sit on wooden benches and a real ticket inspector punches your ticket. The ride takes you from Vozovna Stresovice to Vystaviste Holesovice.

Tip from the editor: If you want to try out and ride on all the different tram in Prague, buy a Prague Card because this card allows you to travel free on Prague public transport. And the bonus is that the card includes airport transfer and is valid for three days.

Getting there

Address, Public transport Museum, Patočkova 4, Stresovice, Praag 6

Opening hours
June – September Wednesday 13.00-18.00
June – November Saturday, Sunday 09.00-17.00

Photos Marianne Crone
The photos show the festive procession of historical trams from the Public Transport Museum on their way through the centre of Prague to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Prague Transport Company in September 2015.

Public Transport Museum Discover Trams of the Past

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