Railway Kingdom Model Trains in Prague

Railway Kingdom model trains are a must-see if model trains are your passion. Then you should definitely spend an afternoon in Kralovstvi-Zeleznic, Railway Kingdom in Prague. If you are not a model train fan, a visit to Railway Kingdom will definitely change your mind! The rail network is huge and so is the number of trains! You will need a full morning or afternoon to see the world of the largest model railway in the Czech Republic. Trains, locomotives, towns, villages, metro stations and cars all move through landscaped scenery.

Railway Kingdom Model Trains in Prague

Model trains Running to Schedule

The model trains – passenger trains and freight trains whizz past according to schedule and are computer-controlled. Each model train travels six and a half kilometers a day. They connect model towns and villages at daytime and at night. At dusk the lights slowly dim. You can now enjoy beautifully lit trains, houses and streets. The growing darkness almost seems natural: as if it is really night. The ‘day’ lasts fifteen minutes, the ‘night’ five minutes.

Railway Kingdom Model Trains in Prague

True-to-Life Trains

The model train trains ride through Czech countryside and stop at Czech stations. Prague Central Station is clearly recognizable, but also the station of Karlovy Vary. Then the train winds its way slowly up stopping in Karlstejn. In a separate section, the Czechoslovakia of the 1970s is imitated. Here only steam and diesel locomotives run. The buildings look neglected and old Trabant and Skoda cars are driving around. You will also find here a scale model of the Skoda factory in Mlada Boleslav.

Railway Kingdom Model Trains in Prague

Child friendly and Interactive Exhibition

The whole complex is located behind a plexiglass wall. Small children can climb on to a ridge which runs along all showcases so that they need not be lifted by their fathers and mothers. Everywhere you will find buttons to press to set more trains and cars into motion or open bridged or make little people move. The Railway Kingdom has hundreds of meters of track, dozens of model trains and model cars that stop at the traffic lights at intersections. The scale is 1: 1000, yet everything seems to be real. Combine this trip with a visit to the Vytopna Restaurant on Wenceslas Square where a model train brings tour drinks to your table.

Railway Kingdom Model Trains in Prague
LEGO Trains and Nostalgic Dolls

In addition to model trains, Kralovstvi-Zeleznic also has showcases with LEGO and Playmobil train models and quite a collection Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks. The display of old-fashioned toys with lots of dolls, doll houses and doll shops is fun to see for mothers and daughters. Be a tram or bus driver and ride on your bus or tram through Prague stopping at existing stops; the tram and bus simulator is fun for the whole family.
Next to exit there is another one room where you can see a big scale model of Prague.

How to get there

Kralovstvi-zeleznic, Railway Kingdom
Stroupeznickeho 23
Prague 5, Smichov
Opening Hours: 7 days a week from 09.00 – 19.00

Photos Marianne Crone

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