Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague

Did you know that you can see the sand tiger shark in Prague? This shark is famous as it often plays a leading part in movies. Make sure you’re in Sea World, Morsky Svet, on Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm, because it’s feeding time! Although Morsky Svet in Prague is certainly not big compared to other aquariums in the world, a visit to Morsky Svet is very worthwhile, especially if you like to stand touching nose to nose with a fierce-looking shark.

Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague

Shark Watching

The sharks are undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Morsky Svet, but the turtles are also fun to look at as are the brightly coloured fish that flit about in the big aquarium. Tiny crabs with bright pink legs and blue-coloured shears live in a smaller aquarium. The space where the aquariums are located is bluish-lit; as if you are under water. The large aquarium looks beautiful with a reef and all kinds of tropical fish. The big sharks with bulging eyes and flat heads are most impressive from so close.

Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague

Child friendly

The walls consist of aquariums and are at eye level of adults and a bit high for small children. But at the entrance there are stools children can carry with them. When they stand on them they can see all as well as adults.  There are also very low aquariums, excellent for toddlers to take a look. Adults have to squat down to see the fish.

Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague

Sea World

The largest aquarium in Sea World contains 100,000 liters of seawater, is 8 meters long and has 4.5 tons of coral. Special light effects simulate day and night. In total, there are 4500 species of fish and other marine animals in the various aquariums. The interior of Sea World is as impressive as the aquariums: the entire wall and ceiling are covered with hand-painted images of the ocean and the colourful creatures that swim around in the mysterious depths.

Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague


The Sea World souvenir shop sells sea and fish themed items: t-shirts, fluffy animals, notebooks, pens, shells from around the world, posters, shark tooth pendants and much more.

Sea World, Shark Watching in Prague

Sea World
Prague 7

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08.30-18.00
Saturday and Sunday 09.00-19.00

Feeding Times

Tuesday 15.00 hours – sharks
Wednesday 15.00 hours – large aquarium
Thursday 13.30 hours – hand feeding by a diver
Every last Friday of the month at 20.00 hours – nocturnal guided tour

Photos Marianne Crone



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