How Much to Tip – Tipping Etiquette for Prague

How much to tip depends on how satisfied you are with the service. A rule of thumb: if you decide to tip, the amount is usually 10 % of the bill. Tipping is a fairly recent phenomenon in Prague. In Communist days, everybody was equal. Work was done for the community, for the state for one’s comrades, not for one’s own good. Everyone worked to make the state a better place to live in. That’s why in those days there was no tipping. But times have changed. When you are in Prague, it is quite normal to leave a tip. But how much? The secret of tipping is: rounding up.


How much to tip – Taxi

The taxi fare fare from Vaclav Havel International Airport is a fixed amount. If you hail a taxi on the street, make sure that this is an official taxi – the word TAXI on showing both sides and a yellow sign with the word ‘taxi’ permanently attached on the roof. The name of the taxi driver and the number of his license must be clearly visible. Make sure the meter is turned on. How much to tip depends on the service. A tip is not obligatory, but if you are in a good mood then 10% would be much appreciated.

Tipping Etiquette Hotel Porter

Tipping etiquette at hotels depends on what hotel you are staying. No need for tipping in budget hotels which have no doorman. Only in chic and expensive hotels you will find a doorman who carries your luggage to your room. CZK 40 is an acceptable tip.


Tipping Etiquette – Restaurants

How much to tip in restaurants depends entirely on how satisfied you are with the service and the meal. After the fall of Communism tipping in a restaurant has become a normal thing to do. Yet, some Czechs still have the old habit and do not tip. If you decide to tip, the amount is usually 10 % of the bill.

If your bill is CZK 270 you give CZK 300. It is not customary to put the amount to be paid on the table. You give it to the waiter when it comes with the bill. Suppose your bill is CZK 270 and you pay with a CZK 1000 note, then say, usually in English: give me back 700. You can also give the waiter CZK 300 and say ‘děkujeme’ (thank you).

The bill in a restaurant or café is without a service fee. If your bill indicates ‘service included’ you are in a tourist trap. Most of these establishments are popular and crowded. Services often leaves much to be desired. The waiting staff makes no efforts and it seems as if you are back in the days of Communism – careless and slow service.

Be warned – the tip is already included!

The U Fleku pub is a famous microbrewery and very popular especially with tour groups. Be warned! This is one of the beer gardens in Prague where the tip (15%) is included in your bill. The moment you arrive you are served with a glass of Becherovka which you have not ordered and will feature on your bill (at a tourist price). If you don’t want it, tell the waiting staff to take it away and check your bill afterwards.

Photos Marianne Crone

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