Memorial to the Victims of Communism on Petrin Hill

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism is a poignant reminder of the atrocities of a totalitarian state. The statue represents the gradual physical and psychological degradation of life for those living in a communist society. The statue was unveiled on 22 may 2002 and commemorates the fall of Communism. It is the work of the Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek (1926-2017) whose works were inspired by the Swiss-Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

victims of communism

Memorial to the Victims of Communism

The memorial consists of seven bronze life-size figures walking down a broad staircase. Seven naked men and all have the same face. Each figure is maimed apart from the one at the base of the stairs. Walk up alongside the memorial to see the disintegration of each of the six figures. The memorial symbolizes the stages of man living in a totalitarian state. Freedom of thoughts and expressions are taken away by censorship and secret police and only part of man is left.

Victims of Communism: Memorial for all Czechoslovak People

A plaque near the memorial says: “The Memorial to the Victims of Communism is dedicated to all victims, not only those who were jailed or executed, but also those whose lives were ruined by totalitarian despotism.”

During the communist regime that lasted from 1948 to 1989
205,486 arrested for political reasons
170,938 forced into exile
4,500 died in prison
327 shot trying to escape the country
248 executed
This is what the totalitarian regime did to the population.

Mini-history of Communism in Prague

In 1948, the Communists seized power in Czechoslovakia in a bloodless coup, and formed a Communist government. The country was not an official Soviet State but harsh implementation of Communist rules was felt everywhere in society. Czechoslovak people suffered under the regime until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, when the communist system was abolished. In 1993, Czechoslovakia was divided into two states: the Czech Republic, with Prague as its capital and Slovakia with Bratislava as its capital.


The Memorial to the Victims of Communism is at the base of Petrin Hill on Ujezd Street. Directly opposite Vitezna Street.
Take tram 12, 20, 22 or 23 to Ujezd stop

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victims of communism

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