Cukrarna for Ice Cream and Pastry

Cukrarna is the word to look for when you crave for pastry or ice cream in Prague. This institution is a combination of an Italian ice cream parlour and a French ‘patisserie’ or pastry shop. The cukrarna is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth. You will find them in every neighbourhood in Prague. Be sure to sample traditional Czech pastries like kolac (sweet breads filled with fruits, nuts, poppy seeds and sweet cheese), medovnik (honey cake) and marlenka (layered honey cake)

ice cream prague

Cukrarna and Ice Cream

Some of the cukrarana look quaintly old-fashioned and seem to be populated by grandmothers only. But appearances are deceptive. Go in and you will be surprised by the selection of ice cream, waffles, pastries, fruit cake, beignets, all served with a generous amounts of whipped cream. You will find cukrarna in every district in Prague. They are immensely popular. Erhart Café, Café Savoy and Ovocny Svetozor are household names and also have the most delicious ice cream and pastries. Farmers markets are excellent places to stock up on traditional Czech pastry.

ice cream prague

Coffee, Pastry and Ice Cream

Ovocny Svetozor (39 Vodickova street) has a mouthwatering selection of ice cream sundaes on offer. If you don’t have time to sit down, get a cornet and eat it in the Franciscan Garden just round the corner. Their prices are very reasonable. This ice cream parlour is very popular, so be prepared to wait in line. If you fancy something savoury, try chlebicky (open sandwiches) with toppings of potato salad, ham, slices of egg and gherkin.

ice cream prague

Ice Cream in Vinohrady Neighbourhood

Erhartova Cukrarna (125 Vinohradska Street), a charming ice cream parlour with a 1930s vibe. The curved window sweeps around the cukrarna’s front lounge and allows for people watching. Be sure to try laskonka, meringues sandwiched with a chocolate creamy filling or fragola, a sponge cheesecake with strawberry.


photos Marianne Crone

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