Cukrarna Ovocny Svetozor

Ice cream in Prague? Go to a cukrarna, a combination of patisserie shop, ice cream parlour and cafe. Cukrárna Ovocný in the Svetozor passage in the centre of Prague is an institution and famous for its fruit sorbet ice creams. Be sure to pop in to get your favourite zmrzlina, the Czech word for ice cream, this is one of the best places  for ice-cream in Prague!

ice cream in Prague

Ice-cream in Prague

If you want to enjoy delicious ice cream in Prague, Ovocný Svetozor is the place to be. They are famous for their sundaes: delectable flavours mango, cherry mint, walnut, vanilla, lemon and many more to tickle your taste buds. What’s more their traditional Czech pastries are equally tempting: vetrnik, choux pastry filled with vanilla cream and topped with vanilla sugar glaze, or laskonkas, coconut meringues paste together with a sweet creamy chocolate mixture. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, go for chlebíčky, open faced sandwiches spread with soft cheese or potato salad and topped with thinly sliced ham, pickled cucumber, slices of boiled egg, chives and parsley.

ice cream in Prague

Everybody Likes Ovocny Svetozor

Ovocny Svetozor is popular. If there is no free table left, share one with others (very common in Prague) and if all places are taken get an ice cream cone and move on to the Fransciscan Garden, a quiet green spot in the middle of Prague with lots of flowers, shrubs, trees and plenty of seats: the perfect spot do a bit of people watching at the same time.

ice cream in Prague


Cukrárna Ovocný Svetozor, Vodickova 39, Nove Nesto, Prague 1

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08.00-20.30
Saturday 09.00-20.30
Sunday 10.00-20.30

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