Erhartova Cukrárna

Erhartova Cukrárna in Prague is a household name. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a pastry shop in the 1930s, be sure to have an ice cream or a coffee and pastry in Erhart Café. The tantalizing cakes, topped with a scoop of ice cream are impossible to resist. All pastry and ice cream is homemade and almost impossible to beat. Add to this the retro feel of the interior and you know why you should spend a few hours at Erhartova Cukrárna. It is like travelling back to the 1930s but with WiFi.

Two Erhartova Cukrárna Locations

Prague has two Erhartova Cukrárna locations: one in the Letna district and one in Vinohrady. Both branches are popular and you may have to struggle to find a seat near the window. The Letna branch is more authentic and refurnished in exactly the same way as it was in the 1930s, in functionalist style and colours, green, ivory and russet-brown, exactly the way it was at the time of the First Czech Republic. The eyecatcher is a tubelike man-high rotating cake stand. Although the Vinohrady branch opened in the recent past, it has a 1930s vibe: curved windows around the front and retro furniture.

Erhartova Cukrárna

Homemade Ice Cream and Sachertorte

The architecture and the interior decoration are interesting but the most important reason to go to Erhart Patisserie are the delicacies. All are made according to old Czech, German and Austria recipes. It is difficult to choose between a slice of cinnamon cake, strawberry mousse or Sachertorte. Be sure to order a big scoop of homemade ice cream to go with your pastry. Genuine Czech specialties are Větrník, profiterole-like pastry, and kremrole, puff-pastry rolls filled with meringue; two of the many mouthwatering temptations. The crown jewel is the Erhart torte, a many-layered chocolate masterpiece covered in green marzipan.


Erhartova Cukrárna, Milady Horákové 56, Holesovice, Prague

Erhartova Cukrárna, Vinohradska 125, Vinohrady, Prague

Opening Hours

Daily 10.00-19.00

Erhartova Cukrárna

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