Ice cream in the Old Rectory Na Stare Fare

Patisserie Na Stare Fare has delicious ice cream and cakes. Refreshing strawberry ice cream and chocolate are just two of the flavours. If you are not much of an ice cream lover, indulge in a piece of Sachertorte. Although this is an Austrian specialty, the Czechs have been using the original recipe for centuries. It is impossible to tell a Czech and Austrian one apart.

ice cream

Ice Cream in Na Stare Fare: in the old rectory

The moment you enter, it is obvious that Na Staré Fare was not built as a tearoom or restaurant. The name translates as ‘in the old rectory’ and that is what the building originally was. The restaurant consists of a number of smaller rooms connected by open doors. It feels is as if you are in your granny’s private living room.

In the seventeenth century, where Na Stare Fare now stands, there were vineyards. This rural area was rough and dangerous at the time. Travelers were mugged and robbed and criminals hid here. By the end of the eighteenth century most of the vineyards had disappeared. The house was built in 1771 for the pastor of the St Matej which is still there (behind the Albert Supermarket). A hundred years later it was converted into a school with classrooms and bedrooms for the teachers.

Tip: Come here for an ice cream, coffee or lunch and before or after a self-guided walk through the Baba neighbourhood, famous for functionalist architecture.

How to get there
Na Stare Fare is located in Dejvice district in north-west Prague, a residential area for the middle class. This is also the district where you will find many foreign embassies and it the Technical University of Prague.

Address: Na Stare Fare, Na Fiserce 17, Dejvice

Opening hours 11.00 – 18.00
Public transport: take the metro line A to Hradcanska metro station, then bus 131 and get off at the U Mateje stop.

Photo: Marianne Crone

ice cream

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