Kiosk Marnice for Ice Cream near Charles Bridge

Kiosk Marnice is in the tourist centre of Prague. You are walking  across Charles Bridge in Prague and suddenly you crave ice and a bite to eat. Charles bridge is crammed with souvenir stalls but there is nothing to eat. When you walk straight ahead you will get to Mostecka Sreet full of eateries. The closer to the bridge the higher their prices, but you do not want to pay tourist prices! Kiosk Marnice is your place-to-be! This kiosk is slightly difficult to find as it is underneath the bridge.

kiosk marnice

Kiosk Marnice for Ice Cream

This is the place you are looking for! They have ice cream, tasty but not homemade Italian ice cream. But you can also taste a real Prague specialty here; grilled sausages, delicious especially with a big dollop of mustard. Go for Hot Dog if you prefer frankfurters. On cold days their hot chocolate is heavenly. Would you prefer something with alcohol? Try Svarak, mulled wine, which is a goes well together with the ice cream.

kiosk marnice

Cafe Marnice

Cafe Marnice: perfect location but a tourist trap! When you order a meal it is not too bad and it is a bit too expensive. But woe-begone, if you just want a drink. You are given a place in the middle (with small uncomfortable tables and chairs) even when there are enough free table at the window. This is a major drawback because you come here not only for the food, but also for the beautiful view of the Devil Stream, a tributary of the Vltava River

Service is slow and it is cash only. You cannot know this as it is not mentioned anywhere. Euros are accepted but the exchange rate is very unfavorable. The menu mainly contains of simple Czech cuisine dishes. Prices are a bit steep. Check your bill carefully to see if the prices match the prices stated on the menu card.

Café Marnice is located behind Kiosk Marnice, Na Kampe 507, Mala Strana, Prague

Right under Charles Bridge

Marnice is right under Charles Bridge on the right when you walk in the direction of Mala Strana. Take a look at the picturesque river; the Devil’s Stream. In the Middle Ages women who were suspected of being witches were drowned here.


Kiosk Marnice, Na Kampe 8a, Mala Strana, Prague


photos Marianne Crone

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