Burcak Wine: the First Wine of the Season

The burcak wine season kicks off when the leaves start falling. All over Prague and Czechia burcak wine stalls appear. Burcak is the first wine of the season, the Czech answer to Beaujolais Nouveau. It is a partially fermented young Moravian wine and has a short shelf-life as availability coincides with the grape harvest. Treat burcak offers in July as suspicious as they are true tourist traps. In July burcak has not been made yet. Burcak is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it tastes like a sugary lemonade but has the alcohol content varies from 5% to 8%.

Burcak Wine: Beware of Imposters

Beware of fake burcak wine! Real burcak has a milky white almost yellow hue and is produced from Moravian grapes. Street vendors sometimes sell apple cider mixed with cheap wine and make the buyer believe that this is burcak. These fakes are easy to spot because they are muddy and brown. Another trick is to dilute burcak with water. These fakes are more difficult to detect. The only advantage is that in this case the alcohol content is lower. (If you consider this an advantage)

Burcak Wine: How to Drink it

The temperature of burcak in the barrel can reach up to 25 ° C. Connoisseurs drink the wine warm. It is obviously out of the question to heat this divine elixer. Once uncorked, the quality deteriorates quickly. The best advice is therefore to drink quickly.

Burcak Wine Facts

* Burcak comes in two varieties: white and red. The red one is more expensive and there is less of it.
* Burcak is sold in plastic bottles which were used for mineral water
* The first burcak wine appears mid-August but by September and early October you can enjoy a glass in almost every wine bar in Prague
* September is the season of the wine festival in Prague. Join one and taste burcak wine.


Photos Marianne Crone


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