Farmers’ Markets for Locals and Tourists

Farmers’ Markets are becoming increasingly more popular now that the Czechs have become more healthy-food minded. Almost every neighbourhood in Prague has its own Farmers’ Market. These markets abound in seasonal and often ecological produce and products from free range eggs to fresh raspberry juice without colouring or additives.

Meet Locals at Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ Markets are an attraction in themselves even if you don’t plan to buy anything. Visiting one of the Prague Farmers’ Markets is an excellent idea for quite a few reasons. This is an opportunity to get away from the tourists in the centre of Prague and mix with locals. The stands show what seasonal fruit and vegetables are popular. Besides, this is your opportunity to buy Czech honey and taste authentic Czech products such as kolachy, individual pies filled with poppy seeds, or buy elderberry wine.

Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Market in Prague: also for souvenirs

As soon as spring arrives, the farmers’ markets reappear. Two are in the centre and handy if you are only in Prague for a short time. One is held on namesti Republiky, opposite the Palladium Shopping Centre, and the other on the Vltava quay near Palackeho most (Palackeho bridge). At the farmers’ market you not only buy fresh fruit and vegetables, but you can also eat Czech delicacies and drink beer and quite often you can find here souvenirs such as wicker baskets, ceramics and special types of honey. The farmers’ markets are open from February / March to October / November.

Farmers’ Markets in Prague Centre

Two markets are located in the Nove Mesto district and easily reached by public transport. They are pleasant places to browse and the perfect stop for coffee or a snack. Be sure to try one of the many types of grilled sausages.

1. Farmers’ market on namesti Republiky
Monday to Friday from 09.00-18.00
Pleasant and centrally located and small enough to have a good look at all the stalls. It’s so much more fun to shop here than in the supermarket. The sellers tell you about their products and let you taste them. Lots of stands with different types of honey. To one side of the market are long wooden tables with benches where you can eat a snack and (of course) drink beer that you buy from one of the food stalls.

2. Naplavka farmers’ market, on the Vltava embankment between the Palackeho Bridge and the railway bridge
Saturday 08.00-14.00
Come early as this farmers market is popular. This is the market to buy different kinds of cheese, including smoked cheese, from the Czech Republic. One stand is entirely devoted to cider produced locally. Furthermore, you will find lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as pastries, ice cream and homemade jam. All products come from farmers and small businesses in Prague and the surrounding area. Buy here non-food such as wicker baskets, wooden spoons, home-made jewelry and ceramics.

Farmers' Market

Organic Markets in Residential Districts

The markets in residential parts of Prague are fun to go to. You will meet hardly any tourists and they markets are less crowded than the ones in central Prague.

1. Farmers market Jirak on namesti Jiriho z Podebrad, Vinohrady
Wednesday to Saturday, from 08.00-17.00, Saturday until 13.00
This market offers more or less the same produce as the Naplavka one, but it is much more pleasant to be here as this market is less crowded. What you should definitely try are Czech ‘kolachees’, a kind of bun. There are many food stalls here selling pancakes and waffles, as well as grilled fish and burgers.

2. Kulatak farmers market near Dejvice metro station
Saturday 08.00-14.00
This market is very similar to the others with lots of fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread and many types of cheese and sausages. Yet the Dejvice market is slightly different because there is a section of ‘foreign products’: Greek olives, cheese from France and fish from Croatia. You can also eat something here: burgers, pancakes and waffles. The raclette sandwiches are very tasty.

3. Hermanak farmers’ market Rezacovo namesti, Holesovice
Saturday 09.00-14.00
Small animated market in the Holesovice district with farm products such as free-range eggs and chickens, organic milk and meat products, soft fruits like berries and raspberries, sourdough and gluten free bread. Olive oil on tap from a Spanish organic farm, bring your own bottle to fill. All stands are ‘without plastic’ bring your own paper carrier bags to take your purchases home and bring a cup if you want to drink coffee at one of the stands. On the last Saturday of the month, the farmers market makes way for a flea market.

photos Marianne Crone

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