Flea Markets in Central Prague

Be sure to go to one of the many flea markets in Prague, because no matter how many you visit, each time you are bound to find exclusive gems. Rummage through piles of cd’s, vinyls, retro fashion and knick-knacks. Prague flea markets are the ideal place to bargain for the perfect souvenir to take home. What’s more they often often double as Farmer’s Markets with organic products and produce.

When you are looking for a flea market in Prague, you are lucky because the city has several, although some are way out in the suburbs. The flea markets at Tylova Namesti and Naplavka – Rasinovo embankment are close to central Prague and easy to reach by tram. If you love 1960s and 1970s stuff, you will enjoy the flea markets in Prague to your heart’s content. The Czechs are stripping their homes of everything that is old-fashioned and reminds them of Communist days, but what we call retro and vintage.

Tylova namesti

Buyers, viewers and browsers all try their luck at the Tylova flea market in Prague. What is junk to one, is invaluable to the other. This flea market has a limited number of vendors so that you can make a wise choice. True to say the items on offer are not unique. The same stuff you will find in the Prague antique shops. Not the upmarket ones in the historic centre, but those small antique-cum-junk shops in the suburbs.

Opening Hours: middle of March to end October every last Saturday of the month from 0.900-16.00.

Naplavka – Rasinovo Embankment Flea Market

Against the backdrop of the Vltava River and Prague Castle the Rasinova flea market is not only an opportunity to find second-hand treasures you desperately need or don’t need at all, this flea market is also a gourmet event. Numerous food stalls intermingle with a mishmash of trinkets, alarm clocks, stuffed animals, jewelry from your grandmother’s days, old books, shoes, clothes, glassware and a thousand other want haves.

Opening hours: March – end October every second Saturday 09.00-16.00.
Public Transport: tram 2. 3. 17, 16 Palackeho Namesti stop.

Browse around at the flea markets in Prague and go home with stuff that your grandmother stowed away in the attic!

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