Italian Food Hall in Prague

The Italian Food Hall in Prague brims with Italian cheeses, salamis, tomatoes, fresh herbs, wine and much more. You need to be a little adventurous to find ‘Little Italy in Prague’ because this food hall is not in the tourist centre but in the Smíchov district.

This Italian Food Hall is laden with Italian delicacies. Right next door is the Italian restaurant and café serving pizzas, pasta, fish, meat and a fine selection of Italian wines by the glass. Finish off with an Italian espresso and take home with you pastries from the Italian bakery.

Italian Food Hall

Italian Food Hall

The Food Hall and Market is a large store of interconnected halls and full of Italian delicacies; from olives, mushrooms and truffles to wine and chianti. Next to the bustling shopping area is a large hall with a series of stands where you order pasta, pizza or anything Italian. Then you sit down at one of the tables you share with the locals. Tourists are few and far between. Stock up on Italian olive bread and ‘dolce’ at the Italian bakery in the next hall. At weekends, the Italian Market buzzes with Italian ’emozione’.

Italian Food Hall

Local Produce and Products

The Italian Market imports wine and groceries from local family-run businesses in Italy. The emphasis is on high quality and affordable prices. The Markets sells wines from the Alto Adige region, Chianti wine from Tuscany, grappa and Bombardino. And there is more! Piedmond cheese, Tuscan salamis, olives and olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Italian pasta in all shapes and colours.

Be sure to stock up on Cantuccini, delectable almond cookies. Sample sliced Italian cheese and salami and taste Italian wine before you decide what to buy. A visit to the Italian Food hall in Prague feels like a holiday In Italy!

Italian Food Hall


Italian Wine and Food Market
Strakonická 948/1
Prague 5

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 07.00 – 23.00
Sunday 08.00 – 23.00


photos Marianne Crone

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