Havelske Market

When strolling through the Old Town district in Prague, sooner or later you will end up at Havelske Market because it is on the tourist trail. It is the oldest market in Prague and Tourists Guides rave about it. This market is exactly what you expect it to be: vegetables, fruit, flowers souvenirs and tourists. During the Christmas season the market is decked out with Christmas decorations and selling mulled wine and Christmas fare.

Fruit, Vegetables and Souvenirs

Havelske Market is the only permanent open-air market in the centre of Prague and on the main walking route from Wenceslas Square to Old Town Square. The market is famous for its fresh fruit: ripe strawberries, crimson cherries and juicy pears are begging to be bought. Sandwiched in between the fruit stalls are the souvenir stands stocking wooden puppets and toys, Bohemian crystal and glass jewellery. The souvenirs are not really different from the ones you can buy in any souvenir shop in the Old Town nor are they cheaper.

Is Havelske Market worth a Visit?

Havelske Market may seem a good place to buy a healthy snack: a sweet red apple or some bananas. If you are money conscious, you avoid this fruit and vegetable market as prices are much higher than in the nearby Albert supermarket at Wenceslas Square. If you have never been to an open-air market, Havelske Markets will live up to your expectations. But if you are not particularly interested in shopping at market stalls, don’t make a detour to visit this market.


Havelske Market
Havelska 13
Prague 1

Opening Hours

Seven days a week 06.00-18.30

Havelske Market

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