Historical Tram Line 41 with Real Tram Conductor

Historical tram line 42 is very special, because all trams on this route are bright red and old-fashioned.  The trams run through the centre of Prague along a route interesting for tourists: It is a hop-on hop-off tram that starts and ends at Prague Castle.  A ride in the historic tram is the ultimate outing for anyone interested in historical trams. Several types of historic trams ply this route.

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Historical Tram 42: the Stops

The tram runs every day, except on Mondays, with an interval of 40 minutes. Prague Public Transport tickets are not valid on the tram 42. The easiest way to buy tickets is online. More about hop-on hop-off tickets.

Stops en route:
Dlabačov – Pohořelec – Brusnice – Prague Castle – Royal Garden – Malostranská – Právnická fakulta – Čechův Bridge – Dlouhá Street – Náměstí Republiky – Masarykovo Station – Jindřišská Street – Wenceslas Square – Vodičkova Street – Nádkova Street – Nádródíchá Street – National Theater – Hellichova – Malostranské náměstí – Malostranská – Royal Garden – Prague Castle – Brusnice – Pohořelec – Dlabačov

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Tatra Trams

Tram 42 was built by Ringhoffer, the predecessor of Tatra works. Tatra is a Czech car manufacture founded in 1850 and the third oldest car producer in the world. Nine original Ringhoffer trams, the oldest dates from 1908 run through Prague as an attraction. Their exterior is painted red and you sit on wooden benches. The tram driver has had special instructions because this type of tram is more difficult to operate than modern trams because they have a longer braking distance.

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Electric Trams in Prague

Trams have been operating in Prague since 1875. The first were horse-drawn trams. The first electric tram was developed by the Czech inventor Frantisek Krizik. Electric trams have been running through the city since 1891. The first electric tram was a great success. Everyone who could afford it went for a ride. The stretch was single track and only one kilometre. Trams with serial numbers from 3062 and upward were manufactured after the end of the Second World War in 1945. These were the first where the driver no longer had to stand, but could also to sit down. It also had the first hydraulic door.

Public Transport Museum

When the trams are not in service, they are in the Stresovice depot next to the Public Transport Museum. Tram 42 ran as tram 91 until 2017 and as tram 41 until 2020. Number 19  was a tribute to the centennial of the World Exhibition of 1891. The tram numbers were changed as part of the rearrangement of many tram lines and numbers

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