Kampa Museum Contemporary Art at its Best

Kampa Museum in Prague displays contemporary and applied art. The museum is a first rate exhibition space showcasing contemporary works of art of the painter Frantisek Kupka and the sculptor Otto Gutfreund, known for his impressionist and cubist sculptures. Rotating avant-garde exhibitions also feature in the museum. The building is special because the museum is located in an ancient water mill crowned by a glass cube that can be reached via an open staircase. The view of the Vltava River and Charles Bridge is breathtaking from the top of the mill.

Kampa Museum

Museum Kampa: Czech and Slovak Modern Art

The medieval watermill offers exhibition space for the works of Frantisek Kupka, Otto Guttfreund, Jiri Kolar and other well-known contemporary Czech artists. The collection consists of about a thousand artworks of mainly Czech and Slovak artists, collected by the Czech-American couple Meda Mladkova and Jan Mladek. The museum’s collection also includes works of Alfons Mucha, Group Skupina 42 (Group 42), various avant-garde movements and works of international artists such as Auguste Rodin, François Morellet, George Macunias and Hans Hartung.

Museum Kampa and Group 42

Group 42 was a Czech artistic group officially founded in 1942. The group’s activity ended in 1948, but their influence on Czech literature and art was clearly felt in the following years.
This group was inspired by and mainly influenced by cubism, futurism, constructivism and surrealism. Their work showed a fascination with technology. The focus was on city life, factories, industry and machines.

Kampa Museum

Art Collection of Meda and Jan Mladek

When in exile the United States during the communist regime in their homeland, Jan and Meda Mládek compiled a large collection of 20th century Czech art to support young artists persecuted by the regime and preserved a culture that the Communist regime tried to end. Meda was an art historian and her husband was a businessman. Together they put together an impressive collection of modern art. Kampa museum presents their collection which consists of works by contemporary artists. Very special are the two rooms with works by the sculptor Otto Gutfreund (1889-1927) and the painter Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957).

Kampa Museum

Kampa Museum Garden and Grounds

The works of art in the museum’s courtyard can be viewed free of charge. Next to the outer walls, giant babies crawl over the ground alongside the building. These are the same babies who climb up the Zizkov TV Tower and creations of David Cerny, the enfant terrible of modern art. Another striking feature is the row of yellow penguins at the edge of the Vltava River in front of the building.

Kampa Museum

Getting there

Kampa Museum is located on Kampa, an island enclosed by a tributary of the Vltava

Address: Museum Kampa, U Sovových mlýnù 2, Mala Strana, Prague
Public transport: tram 12, 15, 20 and 22 to the Hellichova stop
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 6pm.

Photos: Marianne Crone

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