MeetFactory Artist Centre and David Cerny

The MeetFactory is an international, multifunctional centre for contemporary art and offers a stage for music, live art and theatre. The MeetFactory consists of four departments: music, theatre, art gallery and artists’ accommodation and studios. Music and theater performances are held regularly and three exhibition rooms display works by Czech and international artists.

If you are not a performing artist, but are interested in modern experimental art, a visit to the MeetFactory is recommended. There are rotating exhibitions of young artists and entrance is free. The concerts and theater performances are not free.

MeetFactory and David Cerny

The MeetFactory, brainchild of David Černý, is a non-profit international art centre founded in 2001. It was originally located in the Holešovice district in a meat factory, hence the name. After the floods of 2002, the building had to be evacuated and moved to the Smichov district and now sits in a former Czech Railways building sandwiched between a viaduct and a railway track.

What is the MeetFactory?

MeetFactory consists of a gallery, studios, recording and broadcasting studio, café, music club, theater and a publishing house and a residential centre for artists. There are regular exhibitions and music and theater performances.

MeetFactory bar

MeetFactory Bar is open every day from 1pm to 8pm and sometimes longer depending on the cultural programme. You can go there for delicious coffee, home-made lemonade, hot wine or cocktails, and beer from the Matuška microbrewery. You can also buy theater and concert tickets in the bar. In summer, you sit in the garden and can do some train spotting. It is a popular destination for cyclists not only because of the good beer but also because of Bike Asylum where bicycles can be repaired.

Location and address

Two bright red cars hang from meat hooks on the facade of the building as if they were hanging meat, one of David Černý’s works of art. Across the railroad tracks is the Musoleum, an unusual museum displaying a selection of Černý’s works.

Address: MeetFactory, Ke sklárně 15, Smichov, Prague

Tip from the editor of Prague-Now
When you walk along Ke sklárně towards MeetFactory, you will see old trams, steam locomotives and historic trucks on the right in a fenced area of the former Zlíchov heating station. This is home to a club dedicated to restoring steam locomotives, trams, trucks and other rolling stock.

Photos Marianne Crone

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