Miniature Museum

The Miniature Museum in Prague is unique. Admire a pair of scissors not larger than 0.9 mm, a miniature Eiffel Tower carved in a cherry pit and many more tiny masterpieces. It is impossible to see the works of art with the naked eye. The museum provides magnifying glasses so that visitors can see all the details. The museum consists of one room only but full of objects tinier than tiny. Have you ever seen a caravan of camels parading through the eye of a needle? In the Miniature museum you can!

Miniature Museum

A Flea Clad With Horseshoes

The Miniature Museum in Prague displays tiny masterpieces. The details of the art works are amazing and so are their dimensions. That’s why the museum is equipped with microscopes and magnifying glasses. Otherwise, it would be impossible to see the Eiffel Tower carved in a cherry stone, a sailing boat on the wing of a mosquito, a train on a human hair or the portrait of Chekhov engraved on a poppy seed. The star exhibit is a flea clad with horseshoes wielding a pair of scissors and a padlock with keys. The pride of the exhibition is world’s smallest book, ‘Chameleon Story’ by Anton Chekhov. This book is 0,9 × 0,9 mm, consists of thirty pages and contains three illustrations.

Miniature Museum

Miniature Museum and Micro-Miniaturist Artist

Miniature Museum displays works of Siberian born miniature artist, Anatoly Konyenko, a manufacturer of tools for microsurgery and an artist in his spare time. He created his own instruments and as with all micro-miniaturist artists he can only work between his heart beats because the slightest tremor will destroy his delicate work. It took him seven and half years to carve the flea and the horseshoe.

How to get there

The Museum is located close to Strahov Monastry and Strahov Library in a quiet courtyard. In the same courtyard is the Strahov Monastery Brewery where you can sample their own beer. After your visit you can walk on Petrin Hill, an oases of peace and quiet.

 Address, Museum of Miniatures, Strahovske Nadvori 11, Prague 1
Opening Hours, 7 days a week 09.00 – 17.00

Photo: Grammaticus Bramlington/Creative Commons and Marianne Crone

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