Slivovitz Museum, Shop, Bar and Plum Brandy

R. Jelínek Slivovitz Museum in Prague where everything revolves around plum brandy, a specialty from Central Europe and in particular Bohemia and Moravia. The Slivovitz Museum takes you on a 55-minute interactive tour with 5D virtual reality, projections and exhibits. Plus, perhaps the most important part of the tour, slivovitz tasting with tempting snacks! The Jelínek shop offers a large selection of Jelínek liqueur and brandy made from plums, pears, raspberries, cherries and rowan berries. You must be 18 years or older for the tasting part of the tour.

slivovitz museum

Slivovitz Museum and plum brandy

Plum brandy is also known as slivovitz or slivovitsa and in Czech slivovice. It is a distillate made from fermented plums and is popular in central Europe and the Balkans. The word slivovice is derived from ‘sliva’ which means plum. Jelinek slivovitz has an alcohol percentage of 47%. Shortly after the distillation process, the drink is colourless but turns golden yellow because slivovitz is kept in oak barrels. Slivovitz has a fruity aroma, but burns in the throat like firewater (which you get used to quite quickly).

Distillery in Vizovice

The Jelínek distillery is located in Vizovice, a town in the south-east of the Czech Republic, in the Zlin district. The climate in this region is ideal for orchards and the fruit trees are not only a source of raw material but contribute to the beauty of the landscape especially in spring when they are in bloom.
Today, the distillery is one of the largest producers of distilled fruit drinks in the Czech Republic. The distillery can be visited on a guided tour that ends with a tasting session.
Address: Návštěvnické (Visitors) Center R. Jelínek, Razov 472, Vizovice, open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, closed on Mondays.

slivovitz museum

The Slivovitz Museum in Prague consists of three parts

1. museum
2. bar
After the interactive tour, head to the bar for the tasting session. You will find in the shop the complete range of fruit distillates of the R. Jelínek brand, Czech Gold Cock whiskey and other products from the Vizovice distillery such as plum jam, plum tea, plums, chocolate pralines and also souvenirs of the R. Jelínek brand.

Location and opening hours

R. Jelínek Slivovitz Museum, U Lužického semináře 116, Malá Strana, Prague

Exhibition and guided tour: Monday to Thursday (by appointment), Friday to Sunday 11.15 –18.00
Shop: Monday to Sunday 11.00-19.00
Bar: Friday to Sunday 11.00-19.00

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