Havlickovy Park and Vineyard

Vineyards are not unique in Prague. They were scattered over the vinohrady district and gradually disappeared when the city expanded. Havlickovy Park is special because it is the second largest park in Prague and it includes a vineyard. The park also features a waterfall, an artificial grotto and a fountain with a statue of Neptune.The park is located in the Vinohrady district and close to Riegrovy sady, another pleasantly green park with a large beer garden. But if you want to taste local Vinohrady wine, you should visit Vinicni Altan gazebo in Havlickovy park. Wine which is not on sale in shops.


Vineyard in Havlickovy

Havlickovy Park is an English-style park. Grebovka or Villa Gröbe is its most remarkable landmark: an elegant Neo-Renaissance villa built in 1870 for Moritz Gröbe, a wealthy industrialist, who used it as a summer house. The villa stands on the top of a slope covered with a vineyard that produces excellent grapes used for wine. Havlickovy park is especially attractive in spring when the lilac trees are in bloom. The many trees and sloping lawns make it an ideal pick nick spot in the summer.


Vinicni Altan Gazebo

Vinicni Altan is the only open-air wine garden in Prague. Its wooden gazebo overlooks a terraced hill side with grapevines, the only remaining vineyard in Vinohrady. The name Vinohrady refers to the many vineyards which were here in the fourteenth century. The vines were brought over from France and were productive until the end of the eighteenth century. Be sure to go to the gazebo to taste the local wine accompanied by a Czech or French cheese platter. Go for grilled pork knee with mustard and horseradish sauce if you want to try a traditional Czech dish.


photos Marianne Crone

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