New metro line D fast connection to southern Prague

The new metro line D will be operational in 2029, if all goes well. Construction has already started. Metro line D is 10.6 km long and will have a total of ten stations, eight of which newly built. The route runs from Náměstí Míru (on line A) via Pankrác (on line C) to Písnice in the south of Prague. The new line will be built in two phases: from Pankrác first in a southerly direction and then from Pankrác in northerly direction.

New metro line D

The current Prague metro system consists of three lines and 61 stations:
1. Green Line A,
2. Yellow line B,
3. Red line C
4. Blue line D under construction

Eight new stations and unmanned trains

The new line D will be run by unmanned trains and it will be the first fully automatic metro line in Prague. The first part to be built is from the existing Pankrác station to Nové Dvory, and then line will be extended to Depo Písnice and still later from Pankrác to Náměstí Míru. The new line consists of the stations: Namesti Miru, Náměstí Bratří Synků, Pankrác, Olbrachtova, Krč Railway Station, Krč Hospital, Nové Dvory, Libus, Pisnice and Depo Pisnice. At Pankrác station there will be a transfer option to metro line C. Construction will take about 7.5 years. Namesti Miru and Pankrác are existing stations.

Delayed but not cancelled

The construction of the line was approved as early as 2013 and construction was due to start in 2017 with a view to completion in 2022.However, construction was delayed for several reasons. Land owners asked too high a price for their land, and they also wanted to be compensated for closing road and poor accessibility to their properties. The delay entails additional costs, partly because the new stations had already been designed in 2009 and now outdated.

Fast connection to southern Prague

The new metro line D connects to line A at Náměstí Míru, and significantly improves the south-north connection. About 150,000 people live in southern Prague who now depend on buses to get to the city centrre. Metro line D and especially the Olbrachtova – Pankrác stretch is a much faster connection than by bus which is often delayed due to traffic congestion.

Things to Do in Southern Prague

Sapa Vietnamese Market
Exotic shopping and eating at the Sapa Vietnamese market. ‘Market’ is a misnomer. A better term is ‘city within a city’. This is where Prague’s Vietnamese community eats, shops and meets. Here the owners of all those Vietnamese shops in Prague do their shopping at wholesalers who imports their goods directly from Vietnam. There are also ‘normal’ shops where you don’t have to buy a whole bale of paper napkins or 20 kilos of noodles or 500 ‘maneki neko’, beckoning cats that bring good luck.
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