Tram and Metro in Prague

Tram and metro in Prague is excellent; swift, cheap and frequent. You will have the choice of tram and metro. There are only few buses in the centre, they tend to go to the suburbs. Your ticket is good for 90 minutes of travel on all forms of transport, including the funicular. Hop on and explore one of the neighbourhoods outside the centre. Buy your ticket at a Trafika, a news agency, from the vending machine at the tram stop, in metro stations or pay contactless from machines in the trams and various tram stops.

The tram driver does not sell or check tickets. You travel on the basis of fairness: every traveler validates his ticket at the entrance to the metro or in the yellow machine on the tram. Inspectors in civilian clothes do periodic checks. They show their identification badge and ask for your ticket. If you cannot show your stamped ticket, you will get a fine to be paid on the spot. No exception for tourists.

Tram and Metro: Buying Tickets

You buy your public transport tickets at a Trafika or news agency, from the vending machine at the tram stop or in the metro station. If you have a Czech SIM card you purchase your ticket by text message. Pay contactless inside trams and at tram stops.

Tip: If you want to travel hassle free buy The Prague Card which allows free travel by Prague Public Transport (bus, tram, metro and ferries) and free transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Tram and Metro in Prague

Tram and Metro Ticket Price

Children under 6 travel free. Children between 6 and 12 pay half price. They must be able to show their ID card with full name, date of birth and a photo. Seniors between 65 and 70 pay half price but only when they have a personalized card with a public transport application. As obtaining this card takes time and is quite complicated, it is better for the average senior tourist to pay the full price. Anyone over 70 travels free on showing proof of identity. 
There are four types of tickets |
Validity 30 minutes
Validity 90 minutes
Validity 24 hours
Validity 72 hours

Public Transport Frequency

The Prague metro runs from 5 am to midnight with a frequency of 2 to 4 minutes in the rush hour and every 4 to 10 minutes during off-peak hours.

Tram and metro run from 04.30 in the morning until midnight. The frequency depends on the route, usually every five minutes. Many trams run for long stretches parallel to each other which means you can easily change trams.

Night trams run every half hour from half past midnight until 04.30. The central night tram stop is in Lazarska street, close to Wenceslas Square.

Tram and Metro in Prague

Prague Metro

Prague has three metro lines: Green line A, Yellow Line B and Red Line C and three transfer stations: Florenc lines B and C, Mustek lines A and B, Muzeum lines A and C. Electronic signs inside the metro carriage show the name of the next station. When approaching the next station you will hear a tune followed by the name of the station.

Another announcement is made when the train is about to leave: Ukoncete prosím výstup a nástup, dvere se zavírají. Príští stanice Namesti Miru. Which translates as: stop boarding the train, the doors are closing, the next station is Namesti Miru. (or the name of any other station).

Prague Tram Schedule

You will find the tram schedule at each tram stop. The stop underlined is the one you are at. Those listed above your stop have already been passed and the ones beneath your stop are the next ones. Some of the older trams have three high steps to climb on board. If you are in a wheelchair boarding is impossible. If you are with a child in a push chair, any passenger will help you to get in. Wheelchair users will have to wait for a tram with a level entry. A logo next to the tram schedule indicates which trams are suitable for wheelchairs.

Boarding the Tram with a Push Chair

When the tram is approaching give a signal to the tram driver that you want to board, he will then wait until you have got on. A special section is reserved for push chairs, usually at the rear. When you want to get off push the black button, that way the tram driver allows you extra time to get off.

Tram and Metro in Prague

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