Drink no Beer in Public Places

Prague is the beer capital of Europe but there are also ‘here no beer’ places. This sounds contradictory because nowhere else in the world does beer taste so good and is so cheap. So, what do you do when you’re in Prague? You drink Pilsner Urquel or any of the other famous Czech beers. But did you know you can’t drink everywhere in the Czech capital?

No Beer Here

It is commonplace to walk down the streets of Prague with an uncapped beer in hand you bought in the supermarket. But, is it legal to do so? The answer is: no. Drinking alcohol is illegal in certain parts of the city: most streets in the Old Town, at bus and tram stops, at metro stations, in parks, in playgrounds and in the vicinity of schools.

Meet the Locals

Public drinking is prohibited in as many as 800 places in Prague! If you are caught drinking in one of these places, the fine amounts to 1000 CZK, which is € 37. The good news is: this law is hardly ever enforced. Still, be on the safe side and drink your beer in one of the many beer gardens in the city. Moreover, this is the best way to meet the locals. It’s is only homeless people and alcoholics who are drinking in the parks or in the streets.

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